LRC Run Group #133

Run Group #133 is officially in the books, the guestbook that is… We have Herbie Hancock, legally binding documentation of all attendees… that is those who were cool enough to sign –or- stealthy enough to avoid…

Due to the book’s monetary value, which can be accredited to the signatories’ signatures, and the lucrative careers most distance runners will undoubtedly go on to in our sport, we have assigned an unnamed entity (see facebook wall) to be the guardian of the guestbook. Emotionless and of a ghostly complection/nature, we are confident in her ability to protect and guard this HOWWSE… and instill fear for those who have the misfortune to tinker with our tallying tree sheets.



42 runners signed on this eve, 5 were added due to the lack of, and a +- of 3 beat the system. Run group populations from the beginning of time can be found on the graph below. Our error rating has been climbing over time, as our numbers are drastically under reported in these first and second quarters of 2011. With the addition of the new site and the hiring of our outside contractor – bones will be broken, emotionless stares will be given, and we will once again regain a reliable handle on our reports to appease our shareholders more commonly referred to as run groupers or “groupees” – according to the prestonian and radiclese orders over the uni-weekly forums co- sponsored by blue dot.

The populace recorded runs of 3,5,6.3,7,and 10 miles on this Monday August the 15th.

The Italian Sausage & Geo returned from Chicago this week, having notched a +1 on their half-marathon belts. Little Italy opted out of a run for bicycle sight seeing, while the breakless GEO continued on … always on the lookout for another marathon/half, even if hey fall within the same week’s duration.

On the run there was a shortage of college runners and correspondingly so – 10 milers. Many have begun their journey back to school… however a triple Fitz factor consisting of starfoxes and Heyzeus’ momentarily blinded us from this sad fact. The 10 mile group now lacks “Sloppy Joe” , Kirkikikikikis, Matt Pieri (the not Matt Pieri).. shrinking in numbers and waiting time at the firehouse. However, when the ranks dwindle they are usually rekindled and will thus be so again – the great tit for tat, Joe for Joe, firehouse for Burger Queen…

At the termination of short running, some enjoyed pops of a frozen and flavored nature, while others ran far missing the op, and still others turned short to far running – rounding the park in a continual circular motion blindly chasing “orange” as a lifeline to the finish.

Bama sported Bama-less attire, Team Tulane took up property on the side walk, Culvin stressed of things to come, Lustigova weaseled the lot.

Join us Wednesday (6:29.999 PM) for Run Group #134 and a 3,5,7, or 10 mile run, freeze popped cooldown, and a jaunt to the Mid City Yaght Club for rehydration!!