LRC Run Group #152


The long sleeves and hats came out as temperatures plummeted from humid weather to cold – overnight. Is winter finally upon us? I guess in Louisiana and the rollercoaster bipolarism that is the weather here, we might still have a few “sweat”-ers sandwiched in between “freezers” yet. However, runners still journeyed out into the night despite, some prepared in full blown winter gear while others shirtless and cold – too prideful to admit to such “shiverances.”

The typical course was run, one of the last times before the upcoming course/time change.

The dwindling day is upon us, but will undoubtedly do much to slow the mobbing run group that is the LRC, as the only changes that will be made is the exchange of shorts and T’s for reflector, headlights, and run group self made illumination!

After the run tonight we joined with our friends of the clan “The Smiling Truxillos” for piece(za) offerings to “Girls on the Run.” Portions of these delicious offerings went to helping fund this amazing non-profit organization.

The witch cackled, the candy bar candied, runs were had, jen was rad, that’s all I have – until next time,


Run Groups every Monday and Wednesdays starting at 6:30 PM! All abilities welcome, come join us as we have fun and run!

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