LRC run Group #157

Louisiana Running Company’s Run Group

The run group where all ages, abilities, and speeds are welcome!

We love to run! We hope to help you catch the bug. Come join us Mondays and Wednesdays!!

For more info on course maps etc. check the main run group page here (maps will be updated soon)

Run Group 157 Recap

Happy Day-after Day light savings Day!!!!

Today’s “light time” temperatures neared humid-like, but as the sun set the populates of run group #157 were fortunate to have them drop once again to prime running conditions.  With the onset of daylight savings, run group now starts the run in dark, finishes in the dark, and lingers around for social hour also in the dark.  These changes have prompted a course chamge to the semi lit venues of City Park Ave en route to the museum lake, around Bayou St. John and finally down Carrollton towards Canal back to the LRC.  With the exception to half of City Park Ave, there is now the option to stay 95.8 % on the more forgiving grass.

The group numbered 40 strong today, according to the guest book of documentation.  Runners, walkers, and injured runners  turned walkers littered the streets of Mid City.  Magic Matt / Papa Tour guide strolled with Carlos Arroz, male socialite and man’s lunch founder,  despite their flesh wounds.  Leading the way for the less familiar walkers of the group.

Milky white (DQ) ran into his brother in events of a random nature.  This uniting occureed due to the close proximity of the LRC and it’s neighbor which elder Q has medium familarity with.  LRC is thankful to unite families who have had absences of uniting of duration of days, hours…

Aaron, the butterfly king, tweaked his hip on the run tonight, and was said to drop off the pace of his then running partner Emily V.  worrying of his whereabouts she inquired of his name and health in such the descriptive fashion that it not only led to the suspected  identity of every single male runner in attendance, but also to a few who were not…

Jumbo freezy pops were enjoyed by all those choosing to partake after the run:

0G fat, 15mg sodium, 19g of sugar, 20g Carbs, and High fructose syrup – as discussed with MCS.


A stockpile of orange is accumulating for the orange pop-monster who is MIA.

Timmmayyy in a fashion of old your name must be mentioned here, please get healthy, the LRC and your attached-at-the-hip-camera-posing-buddy miss you ever so slightly (understatement)


Join us Wednesday @ 6:30 PM as we have fun and run!!!!





The Q’s unite!

Off we go..

Magic Matt acting magically, Carlos Arroz actin’ all cool shoot’n some socialite terms outside of LRC school.

Posin’ Coupon goes purple, Miller time and 10 fingers Jacob go conservational green

Freeze-yo pops

The tools of Run Group during the dark ages of wint-a

Hanging out in the the hang out room

The attendees!

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