LRC Run Group # 161

Recap and Interesting Happenings

Cold temperatures and shrinkage.  For all the gutter minded individuals, and clarifications sake I speak of run groupie averages, as the night’s average temps had a direct correlation to run group numbers:  dropping from 44 to 29 over the last 3 weeks.

We were able to track such changes in our treasured book of numbers from the  powers of  Jenja-signus and the restraint of the villain Ferrarihide-us.

The candy bar crew, ever growing,  joined in on the trot, some with sugar still flowing through their veins – already talking and taking steps to next year’s Turkey Day Race. Team ABM.

Two peas in a pod, two rice’s and a Jacob Todd. Also in attendance.

Papa Matt, the magician, strode powerfully in speed walking form, crushing his glass boned brother.  IT was magical to see the magician work, some may not think he was born with weakness, but then again one must remember the achilles heel and his reasons for walking in the first place.

The gauntlet was thrown down for the N.O-  game by a Yorky originator.  It all began at the bar of candies, where a bet was made with a Huck Finn associate.  Person in question’s confidence soared as he tallied witnesses from several candy bar enthusiasts.  The gauntlet continued on through run group… “Man’s Lunch” is a Friday afternoon tradition, but at the conclusion of that game one would have to ask how did that New Orleans dish taste?!

Not in attendance tonight: Timmay, Rollin Ralph (secret podium training), The triple Halls, Cantu the train-less race wonder.

Also a congrats to K-dubb Wenstrom – and her new 10K PR of 35:39 in Los Angeles.  Welcome back!

Come join us next time, as we run, stumble, and journey through LRC run group 162!


For more photos visit our facebook page for Run Group 161 here.