LRC Run Group 175

LRC run group 175.

The run group business is booming.  Over the last months there has been an influx in the number of bodies populating the place on Canal.  It has hence forth sent the keeper of the book spinning to track the herbie’s of the run group world.  As an example tonight’s tally was calculated at 51, however according to the calvarious 2 wheeler providing snap whippity cracks of photographic light – the tally could be estimated at a more realistic 60 count.  The book of documentation is hungry, feed it all you running yo’s…

Fast like Ferrari.  The Ferraris (Brandon and Ma) were the first to arrive.  If you aren’t 2 hours early you are late.. Mother Ferrari came bearing gifts of PB(J-less) squares and cheese-y wraps.  DH picked and delivered his trademark blood oranges causing stickfree-less hands to all who partook.  Glass bones watered the coolers, enabling delicious water to be had for hand cleansing and thirst termination.  MIA – the gourd and a fearful A-Trux.

Keeping with tradition, the clock struck 6:29:59 and the Quote-tress yelled  “Let’s GO!”  and the hoards plowed down the ankle breaking, to one, sidewalks.. Andre Barton, of the Barton Show, led the way… while the fitzcarleton, a runner wealthy in second place property, rightfully followed… K-Dub, followed next,  bombarding the crew with jaw dropping wenstromisms.  Mr. Candy Bar of the Candy Bar estates and Dragon (of the boy band “the Monotones” and the “Missed Beats”) completed the first pack…

At the break (Roosevelt and Marconi), the lead pack split for ten, while the rest turned for their respected 5 or 3.

It was here M. Perino threatened de-friending if any of the photos that ensued made their way to the book of faces. I baited the hook, and as of this morning we are still bFBf’s.. this afternoon we probably will not..

Following the harsh threats of P-Deeno, Tom and Tom of the legendary clan Sawyer would pass… and even later Sue and Sis Sawyer.  In case you just missed what I said, I didn’t say one but FOUR Sawyers at run group! … L. have mercy 🙂

John Pete / Richie Pete / John Richie ran with dog. Tony Hart 1 upped him and ran with two.  (baby)Rollin Ralph, formerly leap frogging Ralph, formerly (foam) rollin Ralph pushed baby Ella.  Ella day dreamed of her best buddy in the shoe mirror, she promptly visited her at the conclusion of the run…

The contingent of law students from Loyola showed once again. For every bit magic Matt is “Papa Tour Guide” – Ana also known as “wife” due to the multiple introductions made through her husband the “male socialite” Carlos Arroz ,   has been dubbed  Matt’s  female counterpart through her diligent and selfless acts to show runners and walkers the course.  Thanks Ana!

Tim-will-iam Wallace decided to forego the run this eve, opting instead to cross-train with a little porch sitting untilt he crew returned.

Runners returned: conversed, oranged out, stretched out, and then got the letter after E out.

Join us Wednesday for run group # 176 as we run and have fun.  The run group where all ages, abilities, dogs, kids, and yes even Alabama grads (Melton, Stackpole, Wiseman) are welcome….




Ps. Timmmmmmay.  Where ya’ been?

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