LRC Run Group 176

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Words of wisdom from the quote-tress: “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional”

Like clock work, Ferrari ushered in pre-run group, helping keep the “hang out” room warm as it awaited # 176. Sugar cane was to be had for those in attendance (1). J-Suga-fer gnawed at the cane stalk, while sending completely incoherent texts to glassbones, as he brittled his bones further at one of his local caffeine watering-less holes. The sugar is strong in that one, even when sugar is not to be had.

The guestbook guru, sugar filled, pinballed from tendee-to-tendee before not two feet could be had in the doors of LRC. However, it was brought to the attention that one did escape such a wrath. “Just Ralph”, not rolling ralph, not leap froggin ralph, “Just Ralph,” (Ella-less) made comments that we were slacking as he perused 5 minutes before documenting his auto. Ralph If one does not sign, one does not really exist at the LRC.. You arrived precisely when you arrived (signed). Your 5 minutes are void.

Without Ella or Alle (Ella’s reflective friend), Gold team leader LJ pondered her reasoning for showing. That and her friend-boy was off movie acting; ef-bee-eyeing “extra” cool like.

The guest-iger spoke a tale of 64 joggers, walk-runners, and pedestrian strollers. This could be a record, I will have to go back and consult the books of signedoms, but without checking so, I can say with confidence it ranks top 3. Congrats to all who were a part of this momentous occasion, how momentous and how long it will remain so is in question.

Most “lead’d” it up while others double dipped and signed electronically via the world wide web. Double chocolate covered brownie points to C. Boyles and Rainer Schmidt. Inqire-ances will be made to R.Schmidt in the future if he is any relation to the Big Guido. That would be neat if he was, for him I mean.

The group strung out from the start with the fast, the slow, and the not ugly (EastWood reference). The 2-wheelin paparrazin’ mobile.. blinded veteran LRC runners and struck fear into the newcomer-runners under the alias of a stranger taking random photos of exercisers in the park, in the dark, on the roosevelt, with the camera stick. Getting a “clue”, I now apologize in the aft..

The orange man, or so he prefers not preferring to be called, provided oranges, and they were bloody good. Thanks Orange man. New nickname in the works…

Some people prefer to exercise their legs and neglect their “witts” after group running. I guess some are just more witty than others. An excuse worth mentioning. “I am an old lady, I like to go home, warm my fingers, and sit on my…”, In response, For all those not aware of this well kept secret: the fountain of youth actually resides at the witts. Check out menu item “dirty martini” – Mr. Martini.

For a full photo album from this run check out our facebook album here.

So concludes LRC # 176.

Join us Monday for 177.