LRC Run Group 192


The Tale of Run group 192: The early Clock’O the morning hour of eight saw the unofficial start of LRC Run group 192. Participants would stumble in for the weekly tradition of doughnut Wednesdays – a right which was originally claimed by those who partook in the 5:20 AM group. Of course time and laze-domwould eventually see the “W-Day-O” group dwindle in 5:20 participation and cross proportionally the doughnuts consumed. It was thus instituted that doughnut Wednesdays would continue to be doughnut Wednesdays with a substitution of doughnuts for healthy foods shaped as doughnuts: bagels, cheerios, random foods with circles cut in center. *Asterisk* Large volumes of Q50 coffee measured in not cups, pots, but gallons would also be ingested. Time-duration unintentionally spent here during this mid-week day would be cited by J. Todd as BHT, black hole of time.

Run Group: Official guests list = 65 (+-10)


Runners this eve were greeted by a Mr. Cleveland Spears III. He would stand on the pulpit de porch-O to speak of Street Car Safety and how “Tracks Kill”, as he delivered his address one would wonder if the time allotted would exceed the 6:30.0000 (-.0001) start time, carried out weekly on cue. True to form the time’officiante planned it perfectly with a 30s to spare “Let’s Go” official send off. Runners would pile down the sidewalks for the jungles of City Park and the belly of the beast.. where Killa the chiwow now RIP… As City Park Ave was crossed, Carlos Arroz would take the early lead with Andy B. where 6-three-Ohs were for a short while clipped. As some chose a road more traveled – Andy B. would do the opposing eventually going on to win the inaugural Andy Barton 10 Miler. On top of his first place showing he would also garnish “last”, “tie”, and “age group” championships places. Upon this remarkable feat at today’s LRC-10 Andy would quote the ingredients to his success as stemming from: “The little things things such as 3-mile street car-ups, keeping it warm in my proper polo’s (which double both as workout warmup and work day-in attire), hydrating with the finest “Witts-Inn-Day” offerings, and capping it with a 4 mile streetcar-downs”

In other run group news- Glass Bones, being in an extra glassy mood would fall off the pace of K-Dub leading to just another notch on her boy-hurtin tablature. Although glass bones could not offer any competition, Kevin would stand in and exchange strides for most of the way. Concerning her day’s coupling, K-Dub would state “That guy Kevin he seems pretty nice for a Tri-guy.” Timmmay respect’in his #192 callout would once again cameo at run group. Although he would not live up to his alias “Just one Tim,” he would continue tradition in running with his attached at the hip-buddy Lauren Jewett aka coupons. Meltonius, John seven to the five – would share his lunch with nature, almost prompting M. P-Ra-dINO to do the same. Izedepski would win the race which she would not be aware she was running. Izdep, it would be well advised to avoid those cracks or The Cap’n (Geritol) might make come true and catch that target on yo Back. Following the run it was Peanut butta cookie time!…. that and green mint choco’s by the generous donations of L. Ferrari. In the snack department D.Hebert would also offer snacks from his pez-a-saurus golemus. Upon later research of the LRC list of banned substances it came to light that they were in fact performance de-hancers if taken before the run…. which was backed by those participants in his guinea pigg- ly show.

Notable shows.

Andy “Big Dog” Florek Tim-William-Wallace and his return to consecutive days of running Lynsey Johnson, or J. Todd’s look-a-like friend, and her Lawless Loyola Crew. The Big Guido Spring break Malous Montgom Z-Shu and yeberbazalusulezus Douglas J. Holmes.

Notable-unshows. 6th Street Sean 2-Pole-Sells, said to have had cameos all around town this day, none of which came at the number 192

A very happy PI Day to everyone. Hope to see all at LRC Run Group #193. A free run group where all ages and abilities are welcome!


For more Run Group Photos visit our facebook album from 192.