LRC Run Group 201

As the clock struck 6:29.59, the small group of “hardcores” huddled on the porch and interiors of the LRC as they perched ready for their send off.  The Starting location, NOT TIME, was pushed back to the shadows and overheads as the occasion forced a stray from the typical “Tree-O-Let’s Go’s”.







As that last second expired the dry turned wet as they plowed for the park.  Some galloped and hurdled while Jenjasplashous preferred the more direct route, causing dodgement for the foolish-trod-hardies who tried to delay the inevitable (remaining un-wet).  The park was circled… but for one it was blocked twice before a return.  Glassbones once again turned glassy.  Luckily there was a team of PT’s on site to pressure him into a day of x-ray-ted fun.

Chad minimalized Ralph in the race of simulated bare foots preferring an up-tempo run before his 25 mile slodge in Mandeville to be carried out on the morrow.











Mr. Newton.  Professional Hash-athlete.

Team Bon Ivo.





Join us Wednesday at 6:30 PM for Run Group 202, The run group were all ages and abilities are welcome!!!!



For more info on run group including course maps etc click here.

Full Photos from Run Group 201 here.