LRC Run Group 203

Run Group 203 The Guest-ta-ture had a tally of 67. As “Jenjavanish” was not present to dictator-ate, “Bachelor Party” or J. Bertheud as more the normal folk know him by – was called in to sub this date. A glassy eye was kept to evaluate his signer-rate. Although some may have missed, the margin for pen-less paginate was A-rate thus keeping on an even keel LRC’s fate to documentate. The run was called by another sub, no other than Guido’s Mr. Newtos bub. The pack stung hard far, as people hid their faces to dodge the 2 wheelin’ paparazzin’ rick’less’shaw. A drive-by litter of photographic bombs were dropped, for what would one expect when running with the LRC crop. After the run Leone served amoretto slush, flavored pineapples, cherries – such a delicious mush. Chrissy Cusamano of HS fame ran her heath and wellness game. Over finger sandwiches she did talk, better than ice-cream in my opinion i certainly would chalk. Join us Wednesday for Run Group 203, Freezy Pops, Merrell giveaways… The run group where all ages and abilities are welcome. Free and fun. Run group recap done.

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