LRC Run Group 216 and NOTC Summer Series #1

Tonight’s run group deviated from it’s typical “norm.“
To all of our regulars, and those that know us well, the ridiculousness of the question, “Is Run Group still on today?” can be answered with a YES!  Despite what conditions can be cooked up: Rain, shine, tornad’ees, hurricanes, and holidays… RUN GROUP IS NEVER CANCELLED.
That being said run group corresponded with the beginning of the NOTC’s Summer Series 2 Milers.  AS USUAL run groupers met at the store for the typical 6:29.99 send off.  AS USHAUL the tyrant of the book collected herbies, the paparazzi backed up documentation with visuals, and groupees ran for the park…

This is where the deviation comes in … unlike the typical course/group meeting, runners dead ended at the Peristyle in the park for the NOTC’s SS#1. Whether to run hard, run easy, or sandbag and become beer receptacles.. all roads ended here and groupee’s were left to fend for themselves.  Hybrid Rungroup/Racegroup.

At the race participants enjoyed dimming, overcast, and cool conditions.  The clouds threatened to unload but would hold off to allow for a break in summer’s heat and runners to run without cancellation  from the “electric” treatment.  Perfecto.

The race started at 7PM as runers would jockey for position before going on to zig-zag through the park.  LRC Run grouper Drew Haro (in town from Athens, Georgia) would take the first series title with a time of 10:07, while Sophie “Frenchie” Capmartin, also an LRC’er/Guido took the women’s title in 11:50.
Following the  race, runners enjoyed food from Blue Runner Red Beans and Blue Moon Summer Ale.  Although certain literature might encourage a 50-50 ratio for post run hydration-to-foodration, being New Orleans a more realistic break down probably looked closer to 25-75.  With some preferring a more liquid-dous “rebuild.” **Asterik ** Team Guido 0-100.
Join us Monday for LRC Run Group 217.
A free run group where all ages and abilities are welcome.  For more info on run group such as meeting times, courses, etc. click here – or to view more photos from LRC Run Group 216 & the NOTC’s SS#1 Click our facebook albums here or here.