LRC Run Group 217

Hot as the blaze, 65 run groupers running with heat invoked daze
At the take off, slappa-da-rad, five’d and wahoo’d like craze
Shawn and Beth gave the group a head start to be fair
Preston lost the fro-off with glass bones, 2x over, getting a trimma-da-hair


The group stumbled in after three, five, seven, or ten
Three runners graphed their auto on the flip side, a violation of the pen and an LRC sin.
Lauren Jewett made claims of long grass on the bayou of John
She later posed with her hip-buddy of long (long long long) ago Timmay  from across the west bank pond


After-da-run, freezey pops were once again had galore
Defrosting melting to the core..
Baby strollin Ralph sang an imaginative happy birthday to store
The Alabama contingent grew by one to include three
Don’t forget this coming Wednesday is themed Hawaii 13-0
The run group for the fast, the slow, and the average Joe


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Join us Wednesday for LRC Run Group 218.
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