LRC Run Group 218 – The Hawaiian Edition

Hawaii LRC-O

In true LA style, runners today came “fully dressed”
Displaced from our vacation grounded motha
Grass skirts, Hawaii like smotha, and leis to measure aloha worth
So kicked off the summer of themes birth…

Baby Ella of the Aucoin clan came in her vacation’s best
Accessorizing with flowers, shades, and a head wreath nest

Other dresses of note:
Brandon of the Ferrari mother-son pair
A grass skirt and of a shirtless (scandalous) wear
and plenty of other “getups” by all to prompt a neighborhood stare

Hawaii-hoos and topical isles fives were given to start the run
Slushis and food galore were enjoyed (thanks to Leone Ferrari) when done.
An official race mom and caterer perhaps has been found
For Q50 and Mr. Cesar Torres.

Bread pudding, Amorretto and Pina Colda Slush..

Between Hawaii jams, a Hoola Hoop Contest, Timmmayyyy (DOM) and the rest ..
The volume and fun had by all – was not so hush.


For more photos from this run check out our facebook album of #218 here.

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