LRC Run Group 256

The dark days of run group are upon us, referring of course to the amount of light as we run..

The course debacle continues as we try to find that perfect route which will bring us the ultimate illumination in our run.  Last week’s routes were an experiment of change as we strayed from the usual, in search of the above brightness.  Unfortunately, the course brought us through ankle breaking ally, glass-bone’s calcaneous crunch, and Kairdoff’s Krack (of the head splitting nature).

With last week’s adrenalin invoking fear, we decided to return to “old reliable” and the courses of unchange.  Again things did not go as plan as Voodoo and strategically placed rent-a-cops literally told us in a Gumpy-voice ” You can’t run Heera.”  Consequently, the LRC spread in all directions to a run of choose your own destiny.  In the end everyone made it back, or so we think.

In other news, Brizz/Jellz, finally returned to run group tonight to claim her prize in the porch design contest.  Receiving a fancy certificate  and a framed copy for her efforts to live on the porch forevvver.  Congrats Jen!

Join us next week for run group 257, for a run and … word from the L-Coups –  a visit to the Mortuary following!


Runners hanging out in the “hangout room” before the run.

Brizz/Jellz receiving her fancy award.

The award winning design.


For more photos from LRC Run Group 256, visit our facebook album here.

The Run group were all ages and abilities are welcome!