LRC Run Group 266-267

LRC Run Group 267 Recap:

Twas 26 days until Christmas,
When all through the store-house,
Runners awaited the official send off on the porch of Briz-Wells designs, or on the hangout-room-couch.

The Balega, Drymax, and Swiftwick socks were hung with OCD care,
In hopes that needy runners, would answer the fare.

When out on the cement driveway there rose such a clatter,
One would have thought Sean Fitzwilliams had arrived, or some other mad hatter.

At 6:30 PM, the run began with a loud bang
Or quite the opposite really
With glass bone’s “LET’S GO”, and his attempt at an audible ring

The green shirt club did show
On Sanchez, On Gavin, On “hairy”, and On rolling-less Ralph,
Cloths of the Gold Mile did they don,
Choosing to run the mile race – of mile races,
A Jamaican accented – M’on.

At the conclusion of the run,
Don Quintana picked up a Santa suit,
For the jingle jog in two weeks,
Kids under 10 race for the loot.


Notable shows of past absences/newcomers were M. Zdenek and Stevie R. Barrouquere.

Also shout out to The Don, because, well he is the Don.

Join us Monday for Run group 277 (more info here), the run group where all ages and abilities are welcome…

The Don.

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