Run Group #273

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: orange;”] R [/dropcap]unners arrived for the 273rd running of LRC groups. With the conditions luke-cool and cloudy, piles of runners gathered under the newly “Don”ned lights of Christmas for the night’s themed run.  A guestbook-a-ture of 45 was tallied, however, a more accurate estimate would put the group’s attendance at 70.  With this lag in herbie hancocking, the toll would be paid for those failing to sign with a forfeit in eligibility on the evening’s gift giving.

As the clock struck 6:29.99, the  runners departed and the great cookout of 2012 began yielding a feast of exotic dips, meat covered meat, fancy cheese paired with merlots in a box, and high living beer.

With the culmination of the run and the beginning of the feast, PC-XC did his part – assisting with tunes, serenading the orange-cladden in the latest and greatest from various up-to-decade cassette recordings.

The night was capped off with an awards ceremony recognizing the best of 2012.  Maryann Jordens garnished female run grouper of the year, while Ralph Aucoin, with a 98% popularity rating, took the title in the men’s field.  Chris Zetzmann received “best signature of 2012” for his “roll” in the book of tabulatures.  Mike Ricca and Alana Rovira were socked with quickest hands, and Megan Gohres flipped out as she vanquished her foes on the LRC hill.

Thanks to all who came out last night. ..and especially mallow-man for his smore-ful provisions in the late-night campfire de driveway.

If we don’t see you all before, have a Merry Christmas!!

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