Q50 Good Bye Old Year Run

This past Sunday runners rose early for the “Hello New Year, Goodbye Old Year” race.  With freezing conditions and flooding from the nearby river, a last minute course change was prompted from Race Director Cesar Torres.  In the twilight hours before the race, a sleep deprived but ever smiling C-Zar made his rounds in the park with course measuring equipment in hand, calling a directional audible – quoting that “the show must go on.”

As the sun came up runners began to show,  from the hometown heros in the Truxillo Clan, to Boston, Massachusetts, and everywhere in between.  The race went on and runners did individual battle with hills, mud, and the great Franklington water spill of 2012.  In some cases the park would fight back and send runners slipping for balance such as Dalton Fetters, who would luckily catch himself with his face – prompting the associated run wounds and bragging rights of a hardcore nature.

In the race for the Q50 title, it would be Nick Accardo in the men’s race who would  win the turf war over Mark of the Truxillos, and “Sister Kate” Accardo who would take the women’s.  Stay tuned for full results…


Recap in photos:

Nick Accardo, men’s 10 mile champ.
Mark Truxillo, second in the men’s 10 miler.

More Truxillos..

Kate Accardo, women’s 10 mile champ.
Dalton and his battle with the ground

 For more photos check out our facebook album from the race here.




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