First Run of the New Year: LRC Run Group 277

Runners bundled in their warmest and huddled around the makeshift fire in preparation for the first run group of 2013. With the promise of hot chocolate sitting in wait for their return, some could not resist such a wait, as the stains of marshmallows stuck to their face in deny.  With the official send off coming from the boisterous fellowship of “The Don” and “Papa Arroz” runners departed in hopes of sparking their body heated warmth.

Some of those in surprised attendance were that of Jasie “Pillz” Gautreaux who stomped preconceived stereotypes of being afraid of the dark.  Drewsus Haroo – the Athens(GA) Half-Marathon Champ, Jacob “Hydro Thunder” also aliased as THE TODD, Cesar Torres of local race directing celebrity-dom and his marketing assistant Lucia Leggio. Ralph “rolling-less” Aucoin, Bachelor Party, Cat-Man, and Timmay the progeny sage of the “GodDaughter’s Father.”

“In the battle of blustery vs. determination, determination won in today’s run” -The Don

In the battle of course vs. doubling weekly mileage in a single run, doubling weekly mileage reined champion. (A frail and freezing, yet ever enthusiastic Cesar Torres, of the trail realm).

Join us for Run Group # 278.  The Run group where all ages and abilities are welcome!

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