LRC Run Group 279

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #E6790B;”] O [/dropcap]n the evening of 279, the grapefruit clad-en-ess or the keeper of the guest book as many may know –  kept her family name in good standing with her reputable 45 prompt showing.  “Antsy-isms” were projected upon the populates who shared a similar clocking…  Where is everyone? is anyone going to show?! No one’s coming!!… As the hands reached for 6:15, the book began to taste it’s favorite ink covered herbie’s.  A balanced diet of regulars, returnees, and newbies put the book and the booker of the book at nerves ease.

Time ticked and runners gathered in the takeoff-way as the prompt 6:29.99 was given.  Into the night they ran, or as “Pbst-Croy-Aaron” put it, swam.  With fog, mist, and temps that prompted the long sleeve/short sleeve debate, some quoted the run as being perfect conditions, while others said it was eerie.  Newbie Ashley King even went so far as to say it felt like she was running through a horror movie, with the fog-covered darkness.

At the conclusion of the run, LRC cooked and provided oatmeal/chocolate cookies with assistance from their neighbor Rouse Mc’bakery.  Robbie “Catman” Stevens showed off his substitute teacher sockings.  Alabama ranted of his national championing. and baby Ella art-ed.

Join us next week for Run Group #280 – the run group where all ages and abilities are welcome!

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