LRC Run Group 317-319

– By Danielle LeBlanc


Recap from # 319:

With temps reaching the 90’s and Preston sporting his bootilicious britches, there was no question that the first run of June was soon to be underway.  Before even 6pm began to roll around, a few eager regulars had already arrived and begun some pre-run socializing as they casually sipped Gatorade and strolled around the store.  For those of you who made it out to enjoy yesterday’s hot-hot-hot evening jog, you were one of the lucky bunch who was graced with the presence of our run-grouper of the week, Ralph Aucoin.  As Rebecca and Kylie sported some sick Pearl Izumis’ and the runner total began reaching 70, it was getting close to 6:30pm…with no Fitz in sight.

However, even with a misplaced guest book, the Fitz-less fellows must run on!  With the sun still heating things up, the runners were off, with Mr. Yellin leading the crew.  To those worried about our tardy regular, Mr. Fitz did make the run only lagging behind by a few measly minutes.  Just in time for the 3-milers to begin rolling back around at the store, the guestbook was recovered, and it was indeed signed by all! Thus, the popsicles were popped and the sweaty foreheads wiped dry to celebrate regaining the guestbook and summer’s clear arrival in the Crescent City!

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