LRC Run Group 322 & 323

Sixty Five runners, joggers, yoggers, dog walkers, and baby strollers showed up for the run group numbering 321.  For this particular group trot, Mike, THE VOICE, spoke of Mr. Huey P, or rather the bridge baring his name and the 5K which is to be.  The race is the conclusion of a 3 bridge series which includes in it’s bridgeany: Luling and the CCC. Go up, go down, Sunday 8AM, come to bridgetown.

Many cut it short on #321, as the summer finally began to show it’s true colors of hot. Lucky for most, the Voice and assisting LRC lot –  had citrus colored orange, hops, pops, and the life giving liquid clear to compliment the beer.



Notable shows / unshows: Aaron Croy, famed LRC runner of the week.  Long lost Fitz to be – made his ado as work scheduling dictates an oncoming absence spree. Oil and Gas conference-a-teers embraced LA humidity inducing body tears.

On to Wednesday and another hot mess.  Roland the White and his golden mic, called out the mims  after selecting their names from our hand written guest-book-a-ture of fame.



LRC Kitty

Guest-book-a-ture of fame.


One final note: To our friends who could not make it on the Wenz. Donnie Q, Lauren “Coupons” Jewett, Special Tim, Croy Boy, Greco, Nicky Cole, & Ms. Pat. New NOTC positions, Congrats!


For more info on LRC Run Group click here.  For more photos from 322-323, here.