LRC Run Group 326 – Hawaiian Edition

By Danielle Leblanc

Pink flamingos and lots of lais could only mean one thing…must be LRC’s 2nd Annual Hawaiian Run Group!

Pulled pork and pineapple…pops and punch…Wednesday’s run group was bound to be a positively perfect powwow.  Despite heat and humidity, run groupers didn’t disappoint and made this luau one to remember with numbers reaching around the mid-60’s.

Baby Ella brought the numbers via her invites, yet did not show for the party…

However her compadre in crime, Catalina, showed as sole representative of the 2 and under age division.  She would not go home empty handed winning a guestbook prize in her first run group showing as well as making the daddy jogger rivalry official: House of Arroz vs House of Ralph.  Other Guest book winners, Tustin Pudd – pronounced Austin Reed, and Croy Boy.

The new post-run sprinkler system worked its magic on those brought down by the Big Easy’s sauna-like conditions.  In fact, the 30-40 age bracket was looking particularly youthful after being revitalized from this cooling system…LRC making it rain.

A special shout-out goes to Run-Grouper of the Week Shawn Castrillo who made his VIP appearance at Hawaiian night.

What would a party be without games?  Recognition goes to Beth Sherwood and Lauren Jewett who tore up the competition in the Flamingo Toss and Coconut Trot…also Lindsey Loo and best of the  Hula Hoo.

Last but certainly not least, thanks goes out to Ferraris for their generous gifts that helped spruce up the festivities as well as any others who brought the goods making possible  for a lovely luau.

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