Run Grouper of the Week: Don “The Pineapple King” Hebert

Introducing Run Grouper of the Week. A series of regular profiles to spotlight some of our most endorphin-addicted friends and expand everyone’s pace group. Don’t be shy – if Don sounds like your speed, say hi and make a new running buddy tonight! 

Name: Don “The Pineapple King” Hebert

Hometown: Jefferson La a.k.a. God’s Country is where i call home.

High School: East Jefferson High School

School: I went through I.B.E.W. Apprenticeship to become an electrician.

Typical Run Group Distance: 5 miles is my usual run group distance,

Typical Run Group Pace: My pace is between 7:30 and 8:30 mpm.

When did you start running?

I started running seasonally or part time in 2006.

Why do you run?

I run because as i do i feel the stress and worries melt away, it keeps me in shape and satisfies my competitive nature.

When did you start identifying yourself as a runner?

I identified myself as a runner on Easter Sunday morning in 2009 when i checked the race results for the CCC and realized that i could do this too.

When did you first start coming to run group? What keeps you coming back?

On 12-14-2011 After discovering the wisecracking and always helpful staff at LRC i officially became a full time runner. This was my first run group and until this running was a solitary activity. The things that keep me coming back to run group are the friendships i have forged with other runners, the first rate staff of Pat and Roland, and the frozen treats.

What is your favorite local race?

My favorite local race is the CCFC because i have run this race with my children.

Favorite aspect of the running community in New Orleans?

I think the New Orleans running community has a way of combining running and enjoying the unique qualities of this great city into one fantastic event.

What is you current running goal?

My current running goal is to get past this nagging knee issue and return to the local running beast that i am.