Run Grouper of the Week: George Hopkins

Introducing Run Grouper of the Week. A series of regular profiles to spotlight some of our most endorphin-addicted friends and expand everyone’s pace group. Don’t be shy – if George sounds like your speed, say hi and make a new running buddy tonight!
hopkins_georgeHometown: New Orleans
High School: St. Paul’s School
College: Lehigh University
Did you compete in college?
I ran for 1 year in college.
Typical Run Group distance: Typical Run Group pace:
I alternate between 3 and 5 miles at run group. My pace is usually 7:30/mile.
How long have you been running?
I have been running competitively since I was 13 years old.
Why do you run?
I exercise to stay healthy, but I choose running as my exercise because I have so many fond memories associated with running and because I can enjoy more scenery than with other types of exercise.
When was the moment that you identified as a runner?
I identified myself as a runner in high school when ran 3 miles in less than 18 minutes for the first time.
When was your first run group? Why do you keep coming back?
My first run group was about 18 months ago. I keep coming back because I see people that I have run with my entire life and because the group keeps me competitive.
What is your favorite local race?
My favorite local race is the Crescent City Classic..
What is your favorite aspect of the New Orleans running community?
The running community is very friendly, social, and from different backgrounds.
What is your current running goal?
I would like to run a 5k in less than 18 minutes again.
If you had one superpower what would it be and why?

 My superpower would definitely be self-replication so that other runners have to see me pass them twice.

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