Run Grouper of the Week: Laura Carleton

Introducing Run Grouper of the Week. A series of regular profiles to spotlight some of our most endorphin-addicted friends and expand everyone’s pace group. Don’t be shy – if Laura sounds like your speed, say hi and make a new running buddy tonight!
carleton_lauraHometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana
High School: St. Louis Catholic (Lake Charles, Louisiana)

College: Louisiana State University
Did you compete in college? Yes
What was your event / times? 1500: 4:19, 5k: 15:44

What made you move to New Orleans? 
I found a job and thought nola was a great city not too far from home.
How’s the  transition? Liking it?
I love living in new orleans and hanging out with different groups of friends! So much to choose from every weekend.
Do you miss Baton Rouge?
Not really, miss the schedule of a student and having all day to get runs in.
When was your first run group?
Summer of 2012 I believe
Typical Run Group distance/pace?
7 @ 7:30
What is your favorite aspect of the NOLA running community?
It’s bigger than any I have been a part of before and very active with a lot of fun people. I like having people to run with and talk with as you run.
Favorite Place to run in New Orleans?
City Park area whoo hoo mid city life. I also like doing the 5:20 course on Saturdays.
Are you training for anything? What is your typical week of running like?
Hoping for some quick 10ks and a half marathon in the winter/spring. Right now I’m trying to keep my milage up, I’d say high 60s of all easy runs is typical right now, although this month I have taken a few weekends off so that brings it down haha whoops. Some of y’all have to make me do workouts in a few months!
Do you have a favorite New Orleans Race?  Favorite overall race?
New to the road racing scene so TBD, I loved the track races in college, New York City meet, Mount Saac, Texas Relays, Penn Relays and the SEC meets were full of good memories. Hah hard to pick a favorite.
When you aren’t running, what do you enjoy doing?  
Cooking, Exploring the city, Playing with my roommate’s pup Charlie, reading a good book
Thanks Laura!!!
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