2013 Octoberfest 5K Recap

This past Saturday, runners and walkers traveled to Rivertown for the second annual, Octoberfest 5K. Participants wound their way through the festival to the yellow New Orleans Track Club truck and the corresponding registration tents, where NOTC members helpfully signed them up for a number and a t-shirt.  With the scent of beer in the air, many runners stood antsy in preparation to put their bib numbers to use, some for the race, while others couldn’t wait to use the little tabs (3) that hung reading, “good for one festival beer”.

Following the National Anthem, runners dashed from the start and made a quick turn for River Road, jockeying for position in hopes of garnishing a beer stein, the overall prize for  the evening’s race.  Spectators stood at the finish line and made predictions on who they thought would win.  The consensus had Ian Carr, and as one “Dry Jim” would add, this was because a certain, “fro banding,” (head band) runner was too scared to challenge. The pace biked rolled into the finish with leader, Ian Carr, breaking the tape in 15:37, a seven second PR for the Kenner native.

The girl’s race was won by Megan Gohres, finishing in 18:50. This was a mere 5 seconds behind the LRC hot dog, also known as “The Braust”.  Other sightings included bearded ladies, dress-ed men and laderhosens. As the festival continued, a German chicken and a photo snapping Gandoff became quick favorites for the LRC crew.

As the sun set, runners and locals sampled biers of the culture, including: Bitburgers, Köstritzer,  Warsteiner Dunkel, while listening to a traditional German polka band.  Some even took part in the Masskrugstemmen – Beer Stein Holding Contest, where each contestant holds out their arm, clutching their beer, until they are too exhausted to continue. The winning time was 7 minutes, 30 minutes off the world record. This year’s Octoberfest was a combination of German culture and some fast racing. Thanks to the NOTC for putting on a great event!

The October Fest 5K Champs, Megan Gohres and Ian Carr.

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  • Full Results available at the NOTC’s site here.