Halloween Run Group

As Halloween drew near, run groupers were tricked into thinking some cooler weather was here to stay and Fall was finally upon us. Unfortunately, the weather went back into the low 80’s, and runners began checking the 10-day weather forecasts for the next “cold” front. This change in weather didn’t stop our run groupers from enjoying some great runs and special deals, though.

First up, Crescent City Classic set up a table on two different Monday’s providing 5 dollars off to LRC run groupers and a free pair of socks, provided by LRC. With the Crescent City Fall 5k drawing near, runners were eager to take advantage of this deal. Along with CCC, 4D Energy came out on Monday providing plenty samples of their delicious and flavorful energy, along with making sure everyone was properly hydrated and keyed up for their run.

This past Wednesday, runners dressed up in costumes ranging from a taco, to Waldo and even our run grouper of the week, Ben “Santo Loco” Fiallos, dressed as a “Luchador” (Mexican Wrestler). Running in costumes, as LRC staff can attest to, is quite difficult. So, kudos to the runners brave enough to run in masks, feathers and other interesting objects. On a final note, have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!