Run Grouper of the Week: Adrienne Truxillo


Franklinton (just a short 20 minute -or three country songs worth- drive from Folsom)

College: LSU

Favorite Race Distance:

The one that hurts the least, currently marathon.

Favorite Race: See previous answer

Favorite Place to run in New Orleans?

It wasn’t my favorite until recently where a few summer 520 [running group] mornings were spent: the lakefront

How was the race, First Chicago?

First time in Chicago. It was perfect. My pie in the sky goal was to run 3:30 or qualify for Boston again. I was pleasantly surprised. [Adrienne’s time was 2:28]

How does it compare with other marathons you have run?

The race itself was similar to CIM, Boston, and Big Sur: great location, well organized, all the gatorade/GU/bananas/water/portapotties/silly motivating signs you could want along the route.

However, training in the summer heat was different. If you can psych yourself up or have great friends for the humid long runs, I recommend Chicago.

Favorite Cross-Training Activity when not running? It is true, my favorite yoga pose is savasana [On the announcement board at LRC]. (I also enjoy dominating PG on the ping pong circuit.)

Going into races of this distance do you have any pre-race routines? Superstitions?

I don’t have any pre-race rituals nor am I superstitious. I think you college athletes are the ones that do that kind of stuff. On race morning I was proud I remembered to charge my Garmin, eat breakfast, and put the champagne on ice.

 Are you taking off after Chicago, or are you back running?  What’s the next race?

Not so much a race, but I am coming out of retirement from the LRC run group. Marathon training occurred during early 520 runs to beat the heat. Now that its sub 80 degrees, I can stand to run in the evenings.

“I can’t run without ______” : someone stopping me to ask if I’m Kara Goucher.