LRC Run Group 382 & 383

lrc KittyhatAs I twirled my whiskers and sat on the front porch of LRC, trying not to be trampled by various running shoes, I was amazed at the number of runners who appeared at Monday’s run group. With over 75 people, the amount of food that would be dropped on the ground, and devoured, by yours truly, flooded my brain. Fresh pineapple, watermelon and my personal favorite, King Cake was at tail’s reach. As i meandered inside I glanced at a, somewhat awkward, modeling pose by the one and only, Jace Gohres….Meow. After all the humans were corralled outside, we all listened to a man, they call “Roland,” introduce Mark Berger and is 504k organization. I quickly realized that the race of 5.04 miles was not my style, I prefer short prints and hurdling stray dogs when I feel limber enough.

Wednesday’s run group included the Ultra Duo of Jean Cassandra and Celeste Dolan along with a Yankee who jumped off the street car for a quick run. The fire pit was crowded, leaving little room for a fierce feline, like myself, so I retreated to the benches where I noticed run grouper, Shawn, sporting a new batman shirt. Although there weren’t marshmallows around the fire pit this week,  I’m starting to realize I might need to start running the loops so I can keep up my girlish figure. Until next time…Kitty, out.

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