LRC Run Group 384 & 385

This weeks run group has got to be some of the coldest I’ve experienced. All the humans were dressed in layers upon layers of cold weather gear. Living outside in New Orleans my whole life, I almost lost one of my nine to this frigid weather. On Monday, everyone was preparing for a snow day and planning on hunkering down for the deep freeze that hit the city Tuesday and into Wednesday morning. Thinking it was warmer, I ventured out to the fire pit to get some much needed attention and hopefully con some unsuspecting runners into giving me a marshmallow or two. My plan was foiled though, when Sean Fitzwilliam showed up with his dog, Sherman, and I was forced to duck and cover under the house. It was such a rare occurrence to see this very hair man and his equally hairy dog come to this gathering. I fear he will show up more, since all the humans gave him such a warm welcome, I’m still not sure why… Another new face was that of Andrew Barton. Looking to get back into running shape, he seemed to enjoy his time running at the front of the pack. Thanks to the Pineapple King for the deliciously sweet pineapple that I was able to taste and the best part of the night was Leone and the S’mores she brought, making it worth braving the weather. The runners were talking about the Rock and Roll Marathon this weekend and the temperatures should be ideal, around 60 degrees. Hopefully, this was the last deep freeze for the season, and I can get back to porch sitting and modeling for the camera.


Yours truly, Frank Katz, Kitty Out..

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