2014 Rock & Roll Marathon / Half

Starting in the fog and mist, runners crossed the starting line, hoping the rain would hold out until the afternoon. Unfortunately, if you finished anywhere after about 1 hour and 20 minutes, you were out of luck. The humidity was at almost 100%, and after talking to the various people from the west coast and the northern states, it was clear it was like running through a wall of water. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, as a pacer for the 1:45 half marathon group, I was able to have one of the best racing experiences so far.

The Start

On the course there were huge crowds all along St. Charles Ave. and a mob of people at the turn around at Audubon Park. The course was a straight shot back down to the French Quarter and past the historic Cafe Du Monde. Mile 8 had a table full of donuts, most opted for Gels, but a brave few scarfed down the treats. At this point, the fog was so thick, it was almost eerie, by far my favorite part of the course. As the racers hit Esplanade, we were hit with a wall of rain, after battling a little heat and humidity, it was very pleasant.

Marathon Champion – Ben Bruce
Karen Lokyer – Women’s Half Champion
Liam Burke – Men’s Half Champion 1:11:35

The last split between the half and the full was right before City Park and at that split was a Jell-o Shot Station, put on by LRC, Guidos, and the Candy Bar Crew . The fourth place finisher in the half marathon was the first person to grab a shot and make his way to the finish. The full marathon course went around the park and up to the lakefront, where the windy bridges got the best of some of the most experienced marathoners.

Justin Bertheud – The Jello King
Another hungry recipient

A guido cannot refuse

The winners for the half, Liam Burke (Portland, OR) finished in a time of 1:11:35 and Karen Lockyer (Gonzales, LA) 1:20:29 braved all the conditions for a fast last few miles on a slick course. For the full marathon, Ben Bruce (Flagstaff, AZ) won in a time of 2:21:56 and Andrea Duke (Schertz, TX) crossed the line in 2:58:55. After the race was complete, the after party commenced at the park with a ton of tents, all full of different food and drinks, including the LRC tent that had sangria. The party wore on into the afternoon and runners, spectators and volunteers enjoyed a very successful and exhausting Rock and Roll marathon.

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Men’s Half Marathon Winner

Women’s Half Marathon Winner

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