LRC Run Group 386 & 387

At this weeks run group a few key things happened. First, a pair of shoes were raffled away to Emily Mase, granting her desperate wish for new shoes, as she won run grouper of the month honors. Next, the fire usually attended to by very muscular and masculine men of LRC, was (wo) manned by Beth Sherwood, who although didn’t have any running clothes in her enormous bag, apparently knows Shaq, which clearly makes up for the slight forgetfulness. On the topic of attendance, Black Girls Run was is full force this week with a large group on both days, as well as Mark Berger out promoting his 504K race. The Ferrari’s brought the s’mores and were clearly favorited over the weekly bounty of fruit.  Preston’s mouth was not as “potty” as usual, but Captain Banana  made up for this  with his very strange stories.Finally,  Kristin Wenstrom, with her very busy schedule,  stopped by after releasing a wrongly imprisoned  man after 20 years. This was truly one of the most intriguing topics of the week. Some of the regular run groupers were not in attendance because of the Rock and Roll Half and Full Marathons this past weekend. Things should be back to normal next week, making for a much more in depth recap!

For more photos from LRC Run Group 386 & 387 check out our facebook album here.

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The run/walking group where all ages and abilities are welcome!