Run Grouper of the Month: Emily Mase

1797413_631126916958364_776839402_nHometown: Austin, TX

College: University of North Carolina, Asheville

Did you run in college? if so what events: Yes, 800m to 10k. Cross country and Track & Field. No field though.

Favorite Race Distance: 10k, when I’m in shape.

Favorite Race: In NOLA, the CCC. I love the excitement, rage, magnitude of people, and of course the jello shots

Favorite Place to run in New Orleans: I love being able to step out my front door and run across town. Running from uptown, to Napoleon, through Broadmoor, Bayou St. John, to City Park, and back home. I also love running through the deserted, overgrown golf course at City Park.

Favorite song: Hayes Carll “She left me for Jesus”

Do you have any pre-race routines? Superstitions? Black coffee and peanut butter. Always. I used to wear the same socks for pre-race warmups. The socks are from one of the original running stores in Austin that just went out of business, RunTex. Although I still have the socks, I retired them years ago.

Favorite Cross-Training Activity? In college it was water running or cycling through the blue ridge mountains. Nowadays its probably drinking beer.

“I can’t run without ______” My dog, ARCHIE! He is a two-year-old Vizsla. Awesome pup. One day he will come to run group with me.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Nursing school and home renovations don’t give me much free time but I like to garden and cook.

Describe your perfect dinner? Yo Mama’s Peanut butter bacon burger and a pale ale.

You have a ticket to go anywhere in the world.  Where do you go? Why?  A ticket around the word. To quote Jack Kerouac, “Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.”

What person would you like to meet(in all existence) and why? I’ll apply this answer to running. I have many running idols but I grew up watching ladies like Marla Runyan and Regina Jacobs. Marla who was legally blind particularly amazed me and it would be pretty cool to meet her. When I was younger I would pretend to be in races with her. Due to her disability her racing strategies and tactics were  imperative to her success.