2016 Q50 Resolution Run

Be sure to click “HD” to see a higher quality version of the video —————————-^

Nearly one hundred runners woke yesterday morning to get an early start to their year and their resolutions where fittingly the race for which they traveled was entitled the Q50 Resolution Run. Despite less than ideal temperatures and footing, runners came trotting through the woods, exiting the final puddles with smiles and laughter to finish to the high five’s of race director Cesar Torres.

First to the finish in the 5 mile course was LRC’s own camera man Kyle Montgomery (unofficially).   Unfortunately, he was unable to get in-race footage due to a malfunctioning go-pro /  in a classic mix up where the  “still-camera” option was selected instead of the “video-camera” mode.  So without further ado enjoy this awesome photo – and great job Kyle! 😉


Moving on to the longer races:  Rod Gomez, a familiar face at the Q50 trail races, trailed by a few feet coming through 5 miles (loop 1), but was able close the gap and open up daylight over the next loop,   going on to win by several minutes in the  10 mile run.

(More recaps as results pile in – so keep checking back)

Following the race runners were treated by the New Orleans Mission to warm red beans & rice / pasta.  Food selections were probably influenced by layers of clothing and the number of mud puddles one was able to dodge.  The red beans and rice seemed to go fast and be the more popular choice.

After all was said and done, in an annual tradition,  Cesar once again cut a check to his favorite local charity.  This time in the amount of $2,000 (wow).

For our full gallery from the race check out our Facebook album here, or see our favorite photos from the nearly 500 we shot below..

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