LRC Run Group # 643

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  I read that in a magazine once.  In the worst category, the heat level is still obscene, oppressive is perhaps the correct nomenclature.  At least a vast majority of the runners finished looking as if they had just stumbled out of the pool.  Actually, the runners were asked by pedestrian passerby’s if they had jumped in the bayou, a slightly dirtier body of water.

In the best category, there was some wonderfully delicious flavored ice pops to cool everyone down after the run.  Yellow is NOT banana flavored, it is peach as a heated debate would reveal, eitherway the most staisfying food group to grace the steps of this Canal Street locale.

Also, we want to thank our friend Reid who helped deliver a special case of Yuengling beer, new to Louisiana but not new to our hearts, to help in the post run hydration process.  Kyle, as we found out, doesn’t know how to pack beer into a cooler, but he’s learning.  Bless his heart.

We’re also proud to say that we have been keeping a steady stream of 30-50 runners at each run group, even in the doldrums of summer.  Pat, taking over for Aislinn’s absurdly obvious weather information, reported it “was hot”.

Join us Wednesday @ 630PM for Run  Group #643.  Runners, joggers, & walkers –  welcome!

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