LRC Run Group #645

The ‘Lympics are in full swing.  After a long day of pretending to work, we’ve become savvy on the art of the breastroke, the volleyball serve, and how to crash on your bike.  We know you also like hanging out with us (I mean, who wouldn’t, right?), so we will be doing a viewing party for a distance race coming up, so stay tuned for info.  We will announce which race on Wednesday.  We will most likely do a run in conjunction and then come back to the store and fume it up while we cheer.


Here in NOLA, the run group is in full swing.  In order to get in the spirit, we listened to “Born in the USA” by Springsteen, over and over and over and over again.  Thanks Will.  We appreciate the five song playlist of Springsteen that included a Christmas song.


We had a great turnout which included the usual ilk, but it was good to see some of the youth in the running community show up.  We had a fifth grader knock out two miles (congrats bro) and a few other recent high school grads grace us with their presence before they move off to bigger and better things.  Former LRC runner and member of LDP Austin Brown heads off to Houston for college this weekend.  If you see him Wednesday, tell him good luck!  We tried to get rid of Aislinn, but she decided to go to Tulane, so apparently we are stuck with her for 4 more years.  We’re not sure when Kyle leaves, and we are currently still investigating if he is a real human or a sexy-stache robot.



We also want to remind you that, as the cooler weather rolls in next month and you decide to run longer, we have a 7 mile, 8 mile and 10 mile route that you can route.  Ask one of the store employees about them! Oh yea get this, once upon a time we had the routes posted online.  Now that we have our website up and running with the new constructions, stay tuned for the return in new comers getting an early glimpse of where they are going, with the return to a fully functional run group page via this website!

IMG_0316 IMG_0341

Lastly, do you like Elvis?  If you bleed red, white and blue, of course the answer is yes.  The Elvis Lives run sponsored by Guido Sportif next Tuesday.

From Mr. Guido himself:

Elvis Lives 2016 next tuesday night at the Rivershack tavern east bank of course 7pm.there will be karaoke by tankaraoke so get your costumes and voices ready-by the way the run is 2 miles and cost 10 bucks.tell your friends tell your neighbors about the best party of the year.

For a full gallery of photos from LRC Run Group #645 visit our facebook album here.