Run Group #651

You thought we left, didn’t you! No, we’re back, we’ve just been caught up with Olympic Fever the past few weeks, but run group did happen!  Actually, it has been a quite eventful past few weeks. Let’s take a gander at what all we’ve been up to.

Well, I’m sure you’ve seen how smashing the USA did in Rio.  Centro for the Gold, Chelimo for the Silver, Shalane for the Bronze, and much more!  Yes, ‘Murica did great and may be creeping up towards Ethiopia and Kenya for distance powerhouse status.  After this past week, I think we’ve firmly cemented ourselves at the 3 spot.


Speaking of Bronze, LRC held a mens Marathon watch party Sunday morning to watch Galen Rupp take 3rd place in only his second marathon ever.  There was a small, five person run group at 6:45 involving the Doody’s, Brian Lozes, Chaz, and Will who somehow was running at the same time from the store, but rebelled and ran his own 6 mile route. After, over a dozen die-hards showed up to cheer on team USA (Ward took 6th place and Meb had an off day but still finished in the top quarter of the field).  We found out that donuts from District donuts are way bigger than we had expected, and four dozen looked to be an insurmountable challenge.  We definitely plan on having future watch parties because this one was a blast!

If you’ve come to the store the past few days you’ll have seen a new friend.  New store dog Bannister has found his way to us and into our hearts!  He’s cuter than a ultra rare pokemon.  Named after Sir Roger Bannister, the first man under 4 minutes for the mile, Bannister will be a mainstay at the store.  You may try to resist the urge to cuddle him, but it won’t last long.

IMG_0422 IMG_0417 IMG_0484 IMG_0483

Now on to the actual run; it was a great turnout despite the heat. Around 30 runners took off through City Park, many of which decided to forge the 5 mile route with the group going 5+ slowly moving towards double digits.  Will and Chaz showed off their patriotism with their American flag socks.  In their dreams, they are hitting 50.6 on the final lap of their 1500 in the Olympics, running stride for stride with Centrowtiz, hair blowing in the wind like Fabio.  But back to reality, it was 90 degrees and everyone was exhausted.  Yes, we have another month of miserable heat but we’re nearing the zenith of the summer weather. After the run, people stayed and chatted until the sun went down (which is starting a little bit earlier now) but the social nature of run group makes it hard to leave, especially when Jimi Hendrix is blaring from the speakers.

A shoutout to a few run groupers: Brian Lozes recently completed Iron Man Boulder, so congratulate him!  Good luck this year to Becky Younger who is the volleyball/cross country/track trainer for UNO.  Also, good luck to Randy, Matt, Bart and Cameron who are all training with the Louisiana Distance Project club group!

IMG_0355 IMG_0363 IMG_0376

A note for those who like to run winter races: as the year turns closer to fall, many new or seasonal runners will emerge looking to build their mileage for a winter race race like Ole Man River or Rock and Roll.  If you are interested in joining a training group for one of those races, get in touch with an employee and LRC and we can make sure you are all set to run a personal best this year.

We will be out again for run group on Wednesday, so come see Bannister, get ready for a fall race, and hang out with like minded runners.


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