Final Class of 2017 Rankings

Without further ado, here are the final rankings for the class of 2017.


Final Senior Rankings


1) Eric Coston, St. Paul’s- There wasn’t much drama outside clock watching to finish off Eric’s last high school race.

2) Parker McBride, Dutchtown- But there was tons of drama in the 800. McBride knocks off the indoor champion and runs a 2 second PR.  Both finish with a title so…

2) Cameron Farris, Pineville- Both will finish in second with neither having a remarkable xc mark to break any potential tie-breaking. Both also find themselves on the short list of runners who broke 1:53 in high school from LA.  You won’t find the names Keith, Coston or Albright on that list.

4) Randy Carter, Jehovah Jireh- Finished his high school career with over a dozen state titles.

5) Luke Hebert, St. Thomas More- A surprise strong finish with a 1:54 at state after not running indoor got Hebert into the mix on this list.

6) Michael Brown, Newman- 2A was tough this year but Brown still found a way to compete for podium spots in the end.

7) Reed Meric, Jesuit- He didn’t PR this outdoor season, but he still found his way to the medal stand.

8) Kris Jackson, Episcopal- Caps off season with a runner-up spot in the 3200.

9) Seth Papineau, Airline- He sneaks into the top 10 at the end of the year with a 3rd place finish in the 5A 1600.

10) Lucas Marcello, EDW- Finished the year with a triple at state that included a runner up spot in the 1600 and a win in the 3A 3200.



1) Alicia Stamey, Episcopal- Our three-headed giant issue wasn’t solved during outdoor but Stamey finished the 2A 1600 champion.

1) Alissa Landers, Lakeside- Landers took the 2A 3200 as well which leaves 2A split by the two seniors 1-1.

1) Gabriella Chauvin, SJA- Then Chauvin shows up at State looking like the top girl in the state by blowing away 5A in the 1600 and 800.  All three had their fair share of highs this year which are very close and all will finish in the top spot.

4) Hayley Schwab, Episcopal- The 2A 3200 runner-up holds on to her 4th spot.

5) Sophie Daigle, Ascension Catholic- The 1A triple crown belongs to Sophie after a great day at the races.

6) Tara Stuntz, Dutchtown- Tara pulled out a runner-up performance in the 5A 3200.

7) Kirsten Landry, Ascension Episcopal- After being out the second half of the year presumably due to injury, Landry drops to finish the year just inside the top 10.

8) Ally McCulley, Mandeville- McCulley finishes her time here as a LA high school runner with a podium finish in the 3200.

9) Raelynn Price, Baton Rouge- A 2:17 and a runner-up spot in 5A jumps Price into the top 10.

10) Gentry Jacquet, Lafayette- Jacquet finished the year with a runner-up spot in the 4×2 and 4th place finishes in the 800 and 4×4.

2017 Team Postal State Champions

As we’ve done for the past five years, we present to you the postal state champions at the end of the season based on which team has the best 5 times for the 3200 throughout the indoor and outdoor seasons.  As with the old postal nationals from the 1950s and 60s, our goal is to see which teams carry the best depth at the longest distance event in high school, the 3200/2Mile.  We divide the champions into two divisions like the indoor state meet, 3A and below being one division and 4A/5A being the big division.

Small School Girls- Episcopal High School

EHS is no stranger to the awards stand.  While top heavy, they still got the job done.  Their runners include Alicia Stamey (11:24.81), Hayley Schwab (11:37.41), Adele Broussard (11:58.78), Jennie Stauss (13:41.72) and Jill Ahmad (15:21.06).

Small School Boys- Episcopal High School

The Knights sweep the division and the train keeps rolling.  Their top 5 consisted of Graham Frazier (9:26.92c), Kenny Schafer (9:50.18), Kris Jackson (9:54.79), David Whitehurst (10:16.91) and Austin Broussard (10:20.78).  This was one of the best showings for a LA team on record.

Large School Girls- St. Joseph’s High School

The Redstickers won a close competition over Lafayette High which was separated by just a few seconds average per runner.  The SJA team is Lauren Hendry (11:21.88), Gabriella Chauvin (11:56.25), Jennifer Bennett (11:56.55), Virginia Dirks (12:25.07), and Lark Smith (13:00.62).

Large School Boys- Brother Martin High School

The Crusaders showed off why they are considered the favorites for next years’ xc championship.  Their lineup included Hunter Appleton (9:18.64), Hayden Courrege (9:43.57), Reid Kern (10:17.91), Cade Litolff (10:20.04), and Ethan Meydrich (10:26.85).  With only one of those runners being a senior, we can expect them to repeat next year.

Some Recap, People Bursting Speedily, and the CCC (4/3-4/10 Recap)


Busy week last week. Things were certainly going on. Run group rolled along with no fatalities, local studs and studettes put together some excellent performances at Act II of Bursting with Speed, and Bannister fell in and out of love with a Crescent City Classic lady dog. Tragic story, really, but one for another day. With all that, let’s get on to business.

I suppose we should start with run group, considering these pieces of gold are categorized as “run group recaps.” As to what we are actually going to say about Monday and Wednesday, though, that is the tough part! Your embattled blogger was only able to see a few beautiful faces this week, so I really do not have any quips this go around. Believe me, nothing in our infinite universe saddens me more, except for a day without Bannister, perhaps. I’ll end this awkward paragraph with a resolve to do a better job of embarrassing some of you in future recaps.

Before we get to pictures, let’s do a little housekeeping. NOTC’s second rendition of Bursting with Speed, hosted by the Burst family, provided an opportunity for local standouts to put forth some excellent performances. A big congratulations to Louisiana Distance Project’s Ian Carr, who set a new personal best 5k time of 15:06, one of the times from a local in the past 4-5 years, and a third place finish. We need to also give a shout out to LDP’s Kat Telfeyan (17:04), Malia Cali (17:27), and Laura Carleton (17:29) for sweeping the top three slots and taking home the big bucks. We saw a lot of our run groupers out there as well, so congrats to everybody who met their goals!

That’s about it from me this week. I hope everybody who does the Crescent City Classic has a great time. Just a reminder, we will be taking the street car from the store at 6:30 AM, so for any of you looking to caravan over, feel free to join! Enjoy the pictures, and see all of you at the groups and the races!

A Short-ish Run Group Recap and Pictures (Finally!!!)

To say that we have been less than diligent about posting run group pictures is a truth held so self-evident that it might as well have been written in the Declaration itself as a pillar of American society. I can see it now…equality and freedom from tyranny and…no LRC run group pictures. That changes today, though, as we will finally have evidence of run group’s existence! I know all two of you who read these do so to find inspiration from my endless wisdom (insert any antonym for “wisdom” for a more accurate description of these recaps), but it never hurts to see the people who keep the run group engine churning in action.

As far as run group highlights, there were a few noteworthy episodes. Bannister’s man-servant, Patrick Gavin, has solidified, beyond any reasonable doubt, his unusual capacity to chug beers in an unhealthily short amount of time, giving team LRC a win at the Mellow Mushroom trivia night. Oh yeah, apparently, we do trivia on Wednesdays as well, in case anybody is interested in joining a few doors down from Ale. We were a few points short this time, but some of you wise men and women should be able to vault us to the top. As Michael Jordan says, the ceiling is the roof. I still have no idea what and the hell that was supposed to mean. Let’s see…Sean Fitzwilliam’s return last week was short lived, but is that really a bad thing? I suppose it is, although I may be part of a very, very small minority that actually believes his absence results in a net negative. He’s sort of become the Haley Joel Osment of New Orleans running—well liked (sort of) and good (sort of) at what he does, but man, we never see him anymore!

That’s pretty much it from me on the runs. A little bit of housekeeping, though, before picture time. Don’t forget to register for the Crescent City Classic, which I believe is on April 16th; let us know if you have any thoughts on summer run group events for either Monday or Wednesday; and, last but not least, thanks for continuing to spend your evenings with us and always feel free to encourage any family, friends, enemies, beasts of burden, wizards, dragons, or whatever floats your boat to pop out to run group if they’re interested and have the time!


Run Group #Infinity Recap…..With Zero Pictures!

Run Group Recap…oh man, am I running out of things to talk about?


No, not yet, to the detriment of everybody who makes the poor decision to read my drivel, which is really starting to become more of a monthly than weekly occurrence, but I’m looking to change that! Why? Because I live to please all two of my misguided readers, who I’m almost certain are my bosses that follow along only to assure that I avoid posting wanton gobbledygook on their web page.

But on to the runs!

After a few weeks away to engage in debauchery unheard of since the discovery of fire, I have returned from the tundra of the northeast to communicate the unrivaled success of our weekly run groups and the overwhelming prowess every present in our runners. Monday’s highlights included Reed making up for missing the Shamrock race by blistering through the Mid City 5-mile route at near-race pace, a group of four ladies absolutely crushing the rest of the guys, and of course our peerless, fearless leader, Bannister. Wednesday featured pizza and trivia at Mellow Mushroom, as well as, to everybody’s dismay, the return of Sean Fitzwilliam. Sorry everybody, but its true, Fitz is running again. Hide your wives, hide your kids.

A quick note on the pictures, our embattled cameraman was without the only piece of equipment for which he is responsible, so there are unfortunately no pictures for the week. Rest assured, his beatings will continue until morale improves! Or at least until he remembers the camera…whichever happens first.

We’ll end on a bit on housekeeping, but we are looking to start doing something a little different and fun during run groups on either Monday or Wednesday every month starting in April, so if my two readers, or any other misinformed and unfortunate follower, have any creative ideas on how to provide the most magnificent experience since the invention of photography, please submit any idea on Facebook, to the store email at, or me at

Thanks again for everybody for continuing to support us at run groups! We hope to continue to see all of you in the coming months as summer approaches!

Boys CO ’17 Distance Rankings

  1. Eric Coston (St. Paul’s)-  No doubt about the king of XC being first.  He did meet his match indoors in the 800, but not before getting himself gold in the 1600.
  2. Cameron Farris (Pineville)- Beating Coston, no matter what the distance, is noteworthy. Farris had to drop a 1:55 indoors to do it but he ends up our 800 D1 champion.
  3. Michael Brown (Newman)- Michael isn’t a huge name in XC where he finished 7th in a strong 2A field but he has a 1:58 indoor PR and a state title to go along with his 4:25 at Last Chance and a 10:02 runner-up in the D2 3200.
  4. Kasey Tinnerello (West Monroe)- Finished 5th in 5A XC as well as dropping a 15:16 bomb at regionals which is buoying him over the rest but will need a strong finish in outdoor to maintain the spot.  He does not compete during indoor season.
  5. Reed Meric (Jesuit)- Finished XC with a solid 15:46 and 13th place finish at state, but the 800 is his main event which he finished 4th in the D1 race at 2:00.  This was Reed’s first appearance in an open indoor state event so things bode well for the 1:56 runner in the spring.
  6. Randy Carter (Jehovah Jireh)- Carter ran 15:45 at Highland and won state over Alex Lewis. Carter finished indoor with indoor with a pair of runner-up spots at state and 4:31 and 2:00.
  7. Alex Landry (St. Michael)- The 4A state runner-up finished the year with a 15:45 at Highland.
  8. Andre Bellard (Lafayette)- A newcomer to this list because of a strong indoor finish, Bellard finished XC in 16th place in 5A and was 4th in the D1 3200.  
  9. Kris Jackson (Episcopal)- Jackson was 3rd at state meet in XC in 2A and finished the indoor season with a 4th place finish in the D2 3200.
  10. Cameron Rogers (Parkway)- Cameron was 8th in 5A XC, ran 15:33 at regionals, and finished the indoor season with a PR of 10:22.

Girls Class of ’17 Distance Rankings

1) Alissa Landers (Lakeside); Kirsten Landry (Ascension Episcopal): Alicia Stamey (EHS)- Things were much simpler during cross country.  Indoor track has thrown a wrench in the rankings among the top three runners in the state.  Our heir apparent after XC, Kirsten Landry, only ran one indoor meet in which she ran 12:04 for 3200.  Alissa Landers, 2A XC champion and owner of some good track credentials from last year, did not compete at the state indoor championship either.  Our pre-XC #1, Alicia Stamey, was runner-up in 2A for XC but added an indoor title in the 1600 and a runner-up spot in the 800.  Based on the past two seasons, all girls enter the outdoor season ranked #1 though Stamey has the momentum to finish the year in the top spot.

4) Hayley Schwab (EHS)- After a 3rd place finish at state in XC, Schwab came back with a vengeance indoors, ripping an 11:35 at the state meet for the title.

5) Sophie Daigle (Ascension Catholic)- Daigle was runner-up to Landry in 1A XC and runner-up to Stamey in D2 1600. She’s run 18:18 and 5:20 so far this year.

6) Gabriella Chauvin (SJA)- Had a runner-up indoors in the D1 1600 with a time of 5:21.

7) Tara Stuntz (Dutchtown)- XC 5A runner up was also 4th indoors in the D1 1600.

8) Ally McCulley (Mandeville)- 3rd in XC for 5A, 6th indoors for the 1600.

9) Gentry Jaquet (Lafayette)- Her indoor PR of 2:23 came in the right meet as she finished with a 3rd place medal in D1.

10) Annie Hill (SJA)- Finished XC with a 5th place spot in 5A and then had good marks of 2:28/5:28 indoors but did not compete in an individual event at the state meet.

Run Group 2/13/17

Run Group 2/13
On what was undoubtedly the most glorious and spectacular week of LRC run group of the year, the group’s attention was once again placed almost entirely on Bannister, whose regality surpasses any other who claims monarchical status. Bannister’s public appearances were widely acclaimed, particularly his majestic, lionesque roar, something less informed individuals would call a “bark.” Only his ruggedly good looks rival his oratory prowess.
Then, of course, there were the runs, which I’m sure was nice. Now that marathon season is pretty much over, at least locally, everybody who was remotely committed to the ridiculous sport that is distance running will undoubtedly shift their attention to Mardi Gras, assuming that has not happened already.
Speaking of Mardi Gras, LRC is having its annual Endymion party on Saturday, February 25th (I think that’s the right date?), as its contribution to the city-wide debauchery. While there are no promises that we will remember who shows up, everybody is of course more than welcome, and highly encouraged, to toss aside those pesky moral compasses for a few hours and join the festivities. Bannister will be attending.
Finally, hopefully most of our run group regulars have managed to make it down to our Oak Street location, previously known as the Runner of the South, or Southern Runner for short. If you for whatever unjustifiable reason have not, please do! Like, pretty please? It’s a lot of fun, with a great route and, more importantly, drink and food specials at Ale Bar across the street. Seriously, I won’t stop writing and/or announcing this until I see good attendance! My expectations are through the roof, so don’t disappoint me!
That said, we of course thank everyone who takes time out of his or her busy weeks support our groups, as we would not be anywhere close to what we are without you guys. Hope to continue to see you all out there every week!

2017 Indoor State Recap

Now that the season is over, let’s have a look back at who won the titles and who came away as our 4×8 champs.

D2 Girls 4×8: Menard was our leader going in and our winner going out.  Their 8 second cushion closed to just a 3 second victory over Lusher Charter who did a phenomenal job finishing second a year after their state champion anchor leg graduated.  STA usurped the podium from the EHS Knights as they finished just another three seconds behind Lusher in 10:14.

D2 Girls Team: Brusly girls Taylor Shaw and Ta’la Spates did their thing as they ran away with the team title and scored more points than the mid season performance lists projected.  EHS came from outside the early picture to take the runner-up spot behind a pair of podium finishes by Alicia Stamey.

D2 Boys 4×8: EHS cruised to the title as expected but STA dropped 15 seconds off their seed time and finished only 6 seconds behind the Knights in 8:36.  Runnels held on for third with an 8:49.

D2 Boys Team: We noted that EHS had nearly double the projected points of the next team which came true.  Not only that, it would have taken the next 3 teams combined points to beat them as well!  On top of the pile for second place was West Feliciana who battled back into that spot after an early DQ in the 4×2.

D1 Girls 4×8: If you didn’t podium, you were lapped by Lafayette.  Their 9:48 wasn’t enough to beat Mandeville’s record from the state meet last year in 9:47, though.  St. Joe’s and Mandeville took second and third respectively but the race was fairly spread out, SJA hitting 10:10 and Mandeville 10:20.  If you missed the race, don’t worry, Lafayette only graduates one leg this year.

D1 Girls Team: We knew SJA and Lafayette would be in the hunt.  Well, Lafayette decided they didn’t want it to be competitive and ran away with a 19 point victory over Zachary who themselves beat out highly touted SJA for second place after the Redstickers looked like a lock for a trophy finish.  Zachary exceeded expectations and got Janie one more indoor team podium appearance before she moves off to the college ranks next year.

D1 Boys 4×8: It hasn’t always been the case that the 4×8 features the best the state has to offer.  It seemed that every team was still in the hunt when the baton went off to their final legs.  Unfortunately for the other schools, St. Paul’s had Eric Coston on their final leg.  He powered into first place and won with an 8:16 over a great Brother Martin squad who was running all their top dogs as well.  Catholic eventually finished third but by just a couple tenths of a second over a surging Airline program who really has made major progress this year in both XC and track.  Last year’s winner Curtis was nipped at the line for 5th place by Dutchtown.  Curtis had three legs doubling back from previous races and could not muster their form from last year.

D1 Boys Team: While the three other team champions went as expected, the D1 boys team race did not.  After an injury kept Curtis’ top sprinter from qualifying in the event he won last year as an 8th grader, missing out on the fast heat of the 4×400, and finishing almost out the points in the 4×8, the Patriots were 16 points shy of Catholic High who finished on the podium in all three relays.  Catholic also scored in every running event except the 400, although 3 of those were only 6th place points.  Kam Cummings did pick up a couple points in the triple jump which he was not projected to do.  With the amount Curtis has returning next year, it will be worth watching if Catholic can bounce back from losing so many top caliber athletes the past two years to defend their title next indoor season.  And track fans don’t worry, expect another close team title between these two teams in a little over two months.

Indoor 4×8 State Preview

Each indoor season there is always an awkward dance in the distance event as coaches and athletes try to guess which events their competition will do.  Especially this year where there are some clear cut favorites followed by a slew of potential medallists, predicting what events will be ran by who is a monumental task.  We can save that for outdoor where it is far more obvious who will race which events.  Today we will take a look at the distance relay, the 4×800, which will be a bit easier to discuss and predict.


D2 Girls: Great competition has emerged for the podium spots in the girls small school division.  We can expect that the three powerhouse programs inhabiting the current top three positions will be ready to roll on race day.  Currently Menard is your leader with a great 10:09 performance from Saturday.  Less than ten seconds behind them are the EHS Knights led by superstar runner Alicia Stamey at 10:17 and only one second behind them is last year’s state champions, the Lusher Lions, at 10:18.  Neither of these teams should be counted out, especially when you remove the D1 teams who helped pace the field to fast times this past week.  If EHS can keep the field close they may have the x-factor on the last leg, but if the two others can work the middle of the race and pull ahead earlier than then, they may have what it takes to win the relay.

D2 Boys: The EHS boys are 24 seconds ahead of the next qualified team and the question is not if they win, but rather if they cruise to the title to save energy for those who might be doubling back in the 3200 or 4×4.  STA and St. Martin’s are currently the next two program looking to make a serious run at the podium and they stand a second apart at 8:51 and 8:52 respectively.  Both teams should will have had run their qualifying times five weeks before the state meet so it will interesting to see how much they improved in that time.

D1 Girls: Lafayette is making the top two teams from the XC season look like JV squads.  They are 33 seconds ahead of SJA who sits as the state’s second best team at 10:08.  Their 9:35 shatters Mandeville’s record from last season.  To remind you, that relay had runners who ran times of 2:15, 2:17, 2:24 and 2:27 last spring in open 800s.  What will be in store for Lafayette this outdoor season?  We at least know that they should be close to lapping second place at state on the 18th.  That being said, Mandeville and SJA are no slouches and won’t go quietly.  SJA has some hungry seniors who will want to make their last indoor season worth remembering and Mandeville will proudly represent their program and will want to leave their own legacy after losing so many girls from last year.  Expect this race to be fun for those who want to see some of the state’s best put it all on the line.

D1 Boys:  What looked like it could have been a runaway victory for Catholic last week looks like a dead heat for the title after Saturday.  Brother Martin brought their A-game and stole the show, winning by 3 seconds over the Bears.  Not too far behind was a St. Paul’s squad without their big gun too, who could be an x-factor should he choose to run the 4×8 and help his team win the title.  All three teams will have a good spread of runners in various events throughout the meet so we will have to see who brings the freshest legs to the race.  4×8 champion Curtis could still be in the mix with an A squad that still hasn’t run yet.

Indoor State Championship Team Predictions

We’re less than four weeks away from the state championship for Indoor Track and we’ve only two regular season meets left to qualify.  The main players for championship honors have already separated themselves from the pack and we break them down here:

D2 Girls: Brusly is looking to ride their top two sprinters, Taylor Shaw and Ta’la Spates, all the way to the title.  The girls are ranked 1 and 3 in both the 60 and 400 dash and are major parts of the top ranked 4×2 and second ranked 4×4.  If they hold true, their 50 points will tough for the next tier of teams to keep up.  Currently, last years’ title winner, Lusher, is projected at second in the low 30s but Ascension Catholic, Glen Oaks, St. James and Iowa all figure to be in the hunt for a top 2 finish.

D1 Girls:  There are two teams then the rest.  St. Joseph’s and Lafayette are the clear cut teams who will finish 1-2 at state, but with only a few points separating them the question is who is #1?  Lafayette currently has a slight edge by a few points with the best overall relay school (3rd in the 4×2 and first in both the 4×4 and 4×8) but SJA has more athletes looking to qualify with potential scoring positions meaning if a few of those girls step up and get more points than expected, the standings could easily flip flop.  Zachary is a distant third being anchored by All-American Janie O’Conner.

D2 Boys: In cross country fashion, Episcopal is the far and away best program in the boys small school division (almost twice as many points projected for their score than the next team) and should’t be challenged.  Impressively, EHS is dominating with basically just distance runners and two jumpers.  Per usual with state meets involving EHS, the race for runner up is where the drama lies with Newman, West Feliciana and Christian Life all virtually tied through three meets for their projected state scores.

D1: We can call this a two team race for the title out of respect for what Catholic High has done the past few decades in track, but it looks like Curtis is in the driver seat again this year.  Curtis currently has a safe double digit lead with a big factor being Catholic is currently projected to score only 2 points in the 60, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 combined.  Curtis is projected to score 20 in the same events.  The relays are an interested story where Catholic currently has not qualified a 4×2 team yet after being DQ’d last meet and neither team has run an A 4×4.  Curtis has the roster to get close to their 3:25 from last year, even with the graduation of two key runners.  The 4×8 will be a battle between the two as well as Catholic is the current leader at 8:26 and Curtis has 3 runners have run or split 2:05 or better this indoor season and a fourth with a 2:06 PR.

There will be plenty of individual performances to watch out for as well, and we will preview that later in the season!

LSU High School Qualifer 5 W’s

What: LSU High School Indoor Qualifer

Who: Performance List

When: Final Meet Schedule

Where: Carl Maddox Indoor Field House

Why: Qualifying for the Indoor State championship is based on overall performance lists at the end of the 5 meet regular season.  For information on qualifying process check out the Indoor State Meet info page.

Top names at this meet to watch for include: Janie, O’Conner-Sprints (Zachary), Eric Coston-Distance (St. Paul’s), Armand Duplantis- Pole Vault (Lafayette), Abigail O’Donaghue- High Jump (Denham Springs), Cole Courtois- Pole Vault (Westagate), Kyah Loyd- Sprints (C.E. Byrd).

CO ’17 Girls Recruiting Rankings

Indoor track is here!  Introducing our first recruiting ranking for LA Track and Field.  This time of year college coaches everywhere are tracking down the top high school athletes across the country to sign with them for college. Louisiana has had many top athletes who have gone on to win major conference titles, national titles, and All-American honors and we look to see where those athletes are heading.  We will present the top 15 recruits throughout the season and rank them according to how ready they are to contribute to a college program.

Like many other recruiting rankings, we will also use a star ranking system.  Athletes with 5 stars are ready to step on to a major college team and contribute immediately.  4 star athletes are a year or two away from being a significant contributor to a major program or could be a contributor immediately at a mid-major program.  3 star athletes are two to three years away from being a contributor to a major program but could contribute to a mid-major program within a year or two. Rankings can and will change throughout the season.

Girls Name School Stars Events Committed
1 Janie O’Connor Zachary 5 Sprints
2 Abigail O’Donaghue Denham Springs 4 Jumps LSU
3 Kyah Lloyd C.E. Byrd 4 Hurdles
4 Carlyle Wirtz OCS 4 Multi
5 Rikianne Patterson Edna Karr 4 Jumps
6 Frankie Griffin Zachary 4 Jumps
7 Kourtni Goldsmith Ruston 4 Jumps
8 Loren James Baton Rouge High 4 Throws
9 Alysia Terry Ursuline 3 Jumps/Hurldes
10 Taylor Shaw Brusly 3 Sprints
11 Landry West St. Joseph Academy 3 Jumps
12 Helena Tibbs Beau Chene 3 Jumps
13 Destinee Jeanpierre Chapelle 3 Sprints
14 Ariel Belle White Castle 3 Sprints
15 Raelynn Price Baton Rouge High 3 Sprints

Photo courtesy of The Advocate.

CO ’17 Boys Recruiting Rankings

Indoor track is here!  Introducing our first recruiting ranking for LA Track and Field.  This time of year college coaches everywhere are tracking down the top high school athletes across the country to sign with them for college. Louisiana has had many top athletes who have gone on to win major conference titles, national titles, and All-American honors and we look to see where those athletes are heading.  We will present the top 15 recruits throughout the season and rank them according to how ready they are to contribute to a college program.

Like many other recruiting rankings, we will also use a star ranking system.  Athletes with 5 stars are ready to step on to a major college team and contribute immediately.  4 star athletes are a year or two away from being a significant contributor to a major program or could be a contributor immediately at a mid-major program.  3 star athletes are two to three years away from being a contributor to a major program but could contribute to a mid-major program within a year or two. Rankings can and will change throughout the season.

Boys Name School Stars Events Committed
1 Chris Edwards Washington-Marion 5 Jumps Alabama
2 Cole Courtois Westgate 4 Pole Vault
3 Eric Coston St. Paul’s 4 Distance
4 Jandon Briscoe Jesuit 4 Sprints Michigan
5 Jontre Kirklon Lutcher 4 Jumps LSU
6 Cody Branch John Curtis 4 Sprints
7 Kristian Mosely Destrehan 4 Sprints
8 Cole McKnight Catholic 3 Throws
9 Kam Cummings Catholic 3 Hurdles
10 Zach Tom Catholic 3 Throws Wake Forest
11 Poni Tu’tua John Curtis 3 Throws
12 Kevin Tripeaux Episcopal 3 Jumps
13 Hunter Merry Lafayette 3 Throws
14 Josh Lister Haughton 3 Sprints
15 Davontavean Martin Ellender 3 Jumps

Team Louisiana/SELA Roadrunners Competes at AAU Cross Country National Championship


This past weekend in Tallahassee, Florida, the AAU National XC Championship took place where some of the top youth runners from around the country came to town.  A small contingent of Louisiana runners took the trip to try and better the placement of the SELA Roadrunners from last year.  The team took home a 10th place finish in the boys 15-18 year old race and also came away with an individual gold when state superstar Gabrielle Jennings won the 15-18 year old race.


This years’ 15-18 year old teams featured runners from St. Thomas Aquinas and Mandeville while the girls team brought together girls from St. Thomas Aquinas, Cabrini, Mandeville, Ponchatoula and Lakeshore.  The girls squad wore a familiar Orange singlet that so many South LA runners wears.


The course in Tallahasse is the home course for Florida State and is also the site of the Florida state association cross country championships in November.


While there was no individual titles, the girls 15-18 team perfect scored as the only team to travel with a full squad, earned a team national title!


Results recap from Miguel Becerra:


Twenty-five members of the Southeast Louisiana Roadrunners Cross Country team competed in

Saturday’s 2016 AAU National Cross Country Championships held at the Apalachee Regional Park Cross

Country Course in Tallahassee, Florida. The top three teams in each age group earned National team

awards, while the top twenty-five athletes in each division earned National medals. The top eight

athletes in each division also earned AAU All-American honors and patches at the individual awards



The SELRR 15-18 girls captured the team title with (15), while the SELRR “B” team earned the runner-up

team award with (41) points. Leading the Roadrunner “A” team to the National team title was Alexandra

McCulley(Mandeville High) 17-18 at the eighth position with a time of (19:59), Anne Byerley(Mandeville

High) 17-18 was tenth (20:24), Charlotte Chehardy(Mandeville High) 15-16 was thirteenth (20:45), Haley

Dean(Lakeshore High) 17-18 was fourteenth (20:46), Carlin Beal(Mandeville High) 15-16 was eighteenth

(21:01) and Lauren Klemm(Cabrini) 17-18 placed twenty-ninth (22:48) in the 5000 meter race. The

Roadrunner “B” team was led by Nicole Francois(St. Thomas Aquinas) 15-16 at the twentieth position

(21:34), Blair Vignes(Ponchatoula High) 15-16 was twenty-second (21:52), Abigail Bates(St. Thomas

Aquinas) 15-16 was twenty-seventh (22:45), Sydnie Newton(Cabrini) 15-16 was twenty-eighth (22:48)

and Belle Vignes(Ponchatoula) 15-16 placed thirtieth (23:12) in the 5000 meter race. McCulley(sixth),

Byerley(seventh), Chehardy(fifth), Beal(sixth) and Francois(seventh) each earned AAU All-America

honors in their respective age groups.


The Kern Country Athletics All-Stars(California) captured the 15-18 team title with (36), Smiths Track

Club placed second (43), Trailblazers Youth Athletics was third (89), SELRR placed fourth (103), Miami

Elite fifth (115), Southern Indiana Running sixth (163) and Viking Track Club was seventh (180). Noah

Elder(Mandeville) 17-18 placed fourteenth (16:58), Tristan Robertson(St. Thomas Aquinas) 17-18 placed

forty-first(18:00), Logan Lucas(St. Thomas Aquinas) 15-16 finished forty-third (18:06), Dawson Gildig(St.

Thomas Aquinas) 15-16 placed fifty-sixth (18:57), John Ross Donnes(St. Thomas Aquinas) 15-16 was fifty-

eighth (19:02) and Jude Vitrano(St. Thomas Aquinas) 17-18 was seventieth (20:13). Elder was the only

Roadrunner to earn AAU All-American status at the eighth position.


Sevenya Stoyanoff (Christ Episcopal) 13 posted a twenty-fourth place finish in (15:55), while Breanna

Becerra (Trafton Academy) 13 was thirty-fourth (16:35) for the 4000 meter race. Evan Pardo (St. Paul’s)

13 was twenty-seventh (14:17), while Douglas Robinson(St. Thomas Aquinas) 14 posted a thirty-second

place finish in (14:21) in the 4000 meter race.


Ivy Hunt(Christ Episcopal) 11 posted a twenty-fifth place finish in (12:39) for 3000 meters. Payton

Baker(St. Peter’s) 10 posted a twenty-sixth place finish in (13:14), while Connor Franks(Courtney

Christian School) 10 placed ninth (11:28) and Aidan Franks(Courtney Christian School) 10 was twenty-

fifth (12:12) for 3000 meters.

LA High School/Junior High Results From Footlocker South

This morning several Louisiana runners took to North Carolina for the second weekend of major event qualifying.  Last week we saw many LA runners descend upon Houston, but this weekend only a few made the trek to Charlotte.  Here is a list of competitors who competed in 5k races:

Place Name Time Team Race
32rd Eric Coston 15:47 SPS Seeded
51st Hunter Appleton 16:04 Brother Martin Seeded
13th Evan Hendry 16:32 SPS Soph
14th Jon Bertucci 16:32 SPS Soph
158th John Paul Hardin 16:52 Zachary Seeded
43rd Stephen Schlottman 17:04 SPS Junior
Place Name Time Team Race
42nd Svenya Stoyaoff 21:22 Trafton 13/14
55th Breanna Becerra 21:48 Trafton 13/14
75th Sarah Kate Hendry 22:50 SSA 13/14

Top 10 LA High School Finishers From NOAC Turkey Day Race

Today’s NOAC Turkey Day race was another great one for the books.  Here we take a look at the top 10 performances from 2016 Louisiana high school cross country runners from this morning:

Place Name Time Team
1 Blake Baldassaro 27:33 Holy Cross
2 John Kling 28:24 Jesuit
3 Chris Wagner 29:19 Holy Cross
4 Reid Kern 29:31 Brother Martin
5 Alex Sucato 30:08 Belle Chasse
6 Luke Malter 30:26 Jesuit
7 Teo Monthey 31:40 Holy Cross
8 Michael Williams 31:50 Jesuit
9 Jackson Schneider 32:26 Brother Martin
10 Ryan Guillot 32:30 Jesuit
Place Name Time Team
1 Charley Chehardy 33:42 Mandeville
2 Emily Blanchard 34:14 Hahnville
3 Emily Doyle 37:03 Dominican
4 Mary Claude Simons 37:17 Lusher
5 Riley Killian 39:23 Chapelle
6 Averie Konopka 40:08 Mandeville
7 Madison Vise 40:44 Ursuline
8 Anabella Imbornone 40:47 St. Martin’s
9 Emma Lion 44:27 MCA
10 Suzy Ascuitto 44:46 Country Day

Nike Cross Country South Region

This past weekend in the Woodlands, some of LA’s best ran the Nike Cross Regionals to test themselves against of the top runners in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi.  Here is a short look at some of the top team and individual finishes of LA runners:

Boys Championship
Place Name Time Team
65th Cole Billiot 16:33 Parkway
77th Key Alfred 16:40 Carencro
96th Graham Frazier 16:52 EHS
109th Kris Jackson 16:56 EHS
114th Michael Lee 16:57 EHS
125th Kenny Schaffer 17:01 EHS
156th Cameron Rogers 17:20 Parkway
157th William Kennedy 17:29 EHS
170th Tyler Kruithof 17:29 Parkway
174th Randy Carter 17:32 Jehovah Jireh
186th David Morgan 17:45:00 Parkway
195th Brencen De La Cruz 18:03 Parkway
198th Andrew Robinson 18:06 Parkway
199th Austin Jacobson 18:07 Parkway
203rd Todd McInnis 18:13 EHS
209th Brandon Leggio 18:30 EHS
Episcopal 15th 17:01 Avg
Parkway 23rd 17:26 Avg
Girls Championship
Place Name Time Team
111th Jennifer Bennett 19:53 SJA
133rd Lauren Hendry 20:12 SJA
134th Virginia Dirks 20:12 SJA
138th Carolyn McGinnis 20:16 Lusher
145th Isabelle Brown 20:28 SJA
160th Alicia Stamey 20:40 EHS
204th Leanne Livingstone 21:35 SJA
207th Lark Smith 21:48 SJA
SJA 17th 20:27 Avg
Boys Open Race 4
Place Name Time Team
19th Seth Papineau 16:38 Airline
57th Tajeon Morris 17:17 Airline
61st Will Dart 17:17 Airline
72nd Joshua Burns 17:21 Airline
152nd Xavier Wilson 18:08 Airline
186th Nate Goudeau 18:44 Airline
Airline 4th 17:20 Avg
Girls Open Race 1
Place Name Time Team
81st Isabella Kotval 21:05 SJA
96th Taylor Winters 21:17 SJA
113th Claire Andries 21:28 SJA
144th Bethanie Dunn 22:00 Airline
149th Summer Smith 22:06 SJA
177th Anneliese Jones 23:02 Airline
214th Alyssa Nguyen 26:42:00 Airline
Girls Open Race 2
Place Name Time Team
7th Adrianna Wilder 20:01 Parkway
33rd Lindsey Hutcheson 20:52 Parkway
50th Carly Hanson 21:22 Parkway
116th Keely Reed 23:00 Parkway
119th Victoria Morris 23:01 Parkway
132nd Abigail Wilder 23:21 Parkway
133rd Alyssa Ramirez 23:21 Parkway
Parkway 8th 21:39

LRC 2017 XC Preview Rankings

The chitter chatter for the 2017 cross country season is never too early to start!  Here is our annual way too early preview rankings for the next year.


  1. Menard
  2. Vandebilt
  3. Mandeville
  4. St. Joseph Academy
  5. Sacred Heart New Orleans
  6. Lusher Charter
  7. St. Scholastica
  8. St. Martin’s
  9. St. Michael
  10. Dominican


  1. Episcopal
  2. Brother Martin
  3. St. Paul’s
  4. Holy Cross
  5. Airline
  6. Jesuit
  7. St. Martin’s
  8. St. Thomas Aquinas
  9. Belle Chasse
  10. Parkway

LTFCA Final Coaches Poll

Girls Composite Rankings
Rank Team Points
1 St. Joseph’s (10) 100
2 Mandeville 86
3 Menard 77
4 Vandebilt 68
5 Episcopal 56
6 Sacred Heart 46
7 Ascension Catholic 30
8 St. Michael 22
9 Parkway 18
10 Lusher 17
Others receiving votes: Dominican, St. Scholastica, Parkview, Episcopal of Acadiana, Dutchtown, Plainview, Fontainebleau, St. Martin’s, Mt. Carmel
Boys Composite Rankings
Rank Team Points
1 St. Paul’s (9) 99
2 Episcopal (1) 89
3 Parkway 71
4 Brother Martin 60
5 Jesuit 54
6 Holy Cross 45
7 Catholic 35
8 ED White 29
9 Airline 17
10 St. Martin’s 13
Others receiving votes: Belle Chasse, St. Michael, Episcopal of Acadiana, Grand Isle, St. Thomas Aquinas, Fontainebleau, Mandeville, Westgate