2014 Jazz Half Marathon

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Top 10 Men

Place Name Time
1 Conor Doan 1:11:00.7
2 Ian Carr 1:13:18.9
3 Max Miller 1:16:17.8
4 Leonard Vergunst 1:22:24.1
5 Samuel Cohen 1:22:45.3
6 Russell Holden 1:23:17.9
7 Mark Koch 1:23:45
8 Cameron Gilly 1:23:45.2
9 Benjamin Stephens 1:23:56.4
10 David Terry 1:24:57

Top 10 Women

Place Name Time
1 Jennifer A Palermo 1:31:12.1
2 Melissa Lilly 1:31:18.3
3 Elizabeth Leenaarts 1:31:55.6
4 Erica Hopper 1:32:45.8
5 Antigone Pierson 1:34:39
6 Shannon Clement 1:36:20
7 Erin Cersley 1:37:20.8
8 Lauren Ybarzabal 1:37:29.5
9 Karen Anderson 1:37:57.5
10 Lauren Jewett 1:38:14.6


Full Results Here.


Run For Children’s Hospital: Jazz Half Team

Come join us as we raise money for children’s hospital!

Several team perks for joining & all proceeds going to a great cause!

If you have any questions related to our training plan or about the team please send to training@louisianarunning.com!

Hope to see y’all out there!




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2014 Luling Bridge 5K & 10K

Although inclement weather conditions seemed inevitable for Saturday’s 2014 Luling Bridge 5k and 10k, put on by New Orleans Running Systems, the running gods were forgiving enough to prevent rain from drenching the competitors throughout the race. The Luling Bridge, a steep climb for a New Orleanian, proved to be a worthy adversary, as evidenced by several runners grimacing their way en route to the finish. The chase for the 10k title started before the 5k at 8:15 am, and it was won by Frank Cousart in convincing fashion. The overall winner for the 10k female division was won by Monique Hodson in 46:59, respectively. Unsurprisingly, Ian Carr lead the charge in the men’s 5k, crossing the tape in a time of 16:12. The 5k overall female winner, Jaime Sauer, was victorious in a time of 19:36. At the conclusion of the race, runners enjoyed everything from fruit and water to hotdogs, jambalaya and beer. After conversing with some of the competitors post-race, many felt the overcast skies provided a cool breeze, a rare occurrence in the month of April. With a challenging course, an organized set of volunteers, and a sizable after-party, the 2014 Luling Bridge Run was an all-around successful event.

[button link=”https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.660382497366139.1073741869.114724801931914&type=3″] Full Results[/button]

Short clips of the 5K champions coming off the bridge:

Ian Carr, men’s champion, making the final turn for the finish.

For more photos visit our Facebook album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.660382497366139.1073741869.114724801931914&type=3


Run Grouper of the Month: Emily Mase

1797413_631126916958364_776839402_nHometown: Austin, TX

College: University of North Carolina, Asheville

Did you run in college? if so what events: Yes, 800m to 10k. Cross country and Track & Field. No field though.

Favorite Race Distance: 10k, when I’m in shape.

Favorite Race: In NOLA, the CCC. I love the excitement, rage, magnitude of people, and of course the jello shots

Favorite Place to run in New Orleans: I love being able to step out my front door and run across town. Running from uptown, to Napoleon, through Broadmoor, Bayou St. John, to City Park, and back home. I also love running through the deserted, overgrown golf course at City Park.

Favorite song: Hayes Carll “She left me for Jesus”

Do you have any pre-race routines? Superstitions? Black coffee and peanut butter. Always. I used to wear the same socks for pre-race warmups. The socks are from one of the original running stores in Austin that just went out of business, RunTex. Although I still have the socks, I retired them years ago.

Favorite Cross-Training Activity? In college it was water running or cycling through the blue ridge mountains. Nowadays its probably drinking beer.

“I can’t run without ______” My dog, ARCHIE! He is a two-year-old Vizsla. Awesome pup. One day he will come to run group with me.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Nursing school and home renovations don’t give me much free time but I like to garden and cook.

Describe your perfect dinner? Yo Mama’s Peanut butter bacon burger and a pale ale.

You have a ticket to go anywhere in the world.  Where do you go? Why?  A ticket around the word. To quote Jack Kerouac, “Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.”

What person would you like to meet(in all existence) and why? I’ll apply this answer to running. I have many running idols but I grew up watching ladies like Marla Runyan and Regina Jacobs. Marla who was legally blind particularly amazed me and it would be pretty cool to meet her. When I was younger I would pretend to be in races with her. Due to her disability her racing strategies and tactics were  imperative to her success.

2014 King Cake Festival: Stroller Mile Recap & Festival in Pictures

The first annual King Cake Festival at Championship Square started off with a one mile fun run complete with decorated strollers and runners in plenty of costumes. Racing her way to the finish, Sarah Skotty flew past the competition, all while pushing a stroller. A ticket was only 10$ and with it, you could eat and vote for your favorite cake! The weather is beautiful and festival goers all seemed happy to enjoy the live music and fun games for kids. The festival not only benefited the hungry crowd, but Oschner sponsored the celebration, supporting children and babies at the hospital. All and all it’s a great day so far, so go get a slice of King Cake before its all gone!

Video: Start of the King Cake Stroller Mile.

For more photos visit our facebook album here.

Official King Cake Festival page here.


LRC Run Group 386 & 387

At this weeks run group a few key things happened. First, a pair of shoes were raffled away to Emily Mase, granting her desperate wish for new shoes, as she won run grouper of the month honors. Next, the fire usually attended to by very muscular and masculine men of LRC, was (wo) manned by Beth Sherwood, who although didn’t have any running clothes in her enormous bag, apparently knows Shaq, which clearly makes up for the slight forgetfulness. On the topic of attendance, Black Girls Run was is full force this week with a large group on both days, as well as Mark Berger out promoting his 504K race. The Ferrari’s brought the s’mores and were clearly favorited over the weekly bounty of fruit.  Preston’s mouth was not as “potty” as usual, but Captain Banana  made up for this  with his very strange stories.Finally,  Kristin Wenstrom, with her very busy schedule,  stopped by after releasing a wrongly imprisoned  man after 20 years. This was truly one of the most intriguing topics of the week. Some of the regular run groupers were not in attendance because of the Rock and Roll Half and Full Marathons this past weekend. Things should be back to normal next week, making for a much more in depth recap!

For more photos from LRC Run Group 386 & 387 check out our facebook album here.

For more info on run group including meeting times, courses, etc: Official Run Group Page.

The run/walking group where all ages and abilities are welcome!