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  • New Orleans Ironman 70.3 Highlight Video

    By LRC Staff on 04/16/2014
    Full Results Here.
  • 2014 Luling Bridge 5K & 10K

    By LRC Staff on 04/08/2014
    Although inclement weather conditions seemed inevitable for Saturday’s 2014 Luling Bridge 5k and 10k, put on by New Orleans Running Systems, the running gods were forgiving enough to prevent rain from drenching the competitors throughout the race. The Luling Bridge, a steep climb for a New Orleanian, proved to be a worthy adversary, as evidenced by several runners grimacing their […]
  • LRC Run Group 394-404

    By LRC Staff on 04/08/2014
    LRC Run Group – meeting every Monday and Wednesday. All ages and abilities welcome! Check out our official run group page for more: http://www.louisianarunning.com/run-group-2/
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 17

    By LRC Staff on 03/05/2014
    The Mizuno Wave Rider 17 is versatile, comfortable and makes a great component to your training. If you’re looking for a shoe that can handle the mileage, but without all the weight, this is the shoe for you. The U4IC midsole adds a springy step and it’s 2 ounces lighter than the previous model. The Wave Rider 17 is recommended […]
  • Run Grouper of the Month: Emily Mase

    By LRC Staff on 03/05/2014
    Hometown: Austin, TX College: University of North Carolina, Asheville Did you run in college? if so what events: Yes, 800m to 10k. Cross country and Track & Field. No field though. Favorite Race Distance: 10k, when I’m in shape. Favorite Race: In NOLA, the CCC. I love the excitement, rage, magnitude of people, and of course the jello shots Favorite […]
  • LRC Run Group 392 & 393

    By LRC Staff on 02/27/2014
    LRC Run Group – meeting every Monday and Wednesday. All ages and abilities welcome! Check out our official run group page for more: http://www.louisianarunning.com/run-group-2/
  • 2014 King Cake Festival: Stroller Mile Recap & Festival in Pictures

    By LRC Staff on 02/09/2014
    The first annual King Cake Festival at Championship Square started off with a one mile fun run complete with decorated strollers and runners in plenty of costumes. Racing her way to the finish, Sarah Skotty flew past the competition, all while pushing a stroller. A ticket was only 10$ and with it, you could eat and vote for your favorite […]
  • LRC Run Group 386 & 387

    By LRC Staff on 02/06/2014
    At this weeks run group a few key things happened. First, a pair of shoes were raffled away to Emily Mase, granting her desperate wish for new shoes, as she won run grouper of the month honors. Next, the fire usually attended to by very muscular and masculine men of LRC, was (wo) manned by Beth Sherwood, who although didn’t […]
  • 2014 Rock & Roll Marathon / Half

    By LRC Staff on 02/04/2014
    Starting in the fog and mist, runners crossed the starting line, hoping the rain would hold out until the afternoon. Unfortunately, if you finished anywhere after about 1 hour and 20 minutes, you were out of luck. The humidity was at almost 100%, and after talking to the various people from the west coast and the northern states, it was […]
  • LRC Run Group 384 & 385

    By LRC Staff on 01/30/2014
    This weeks run group has got to be some of the coldest I’ve experienced. All the humans were dressed in layers upon layers of cold weather gear. Living outside in New Orleans my whole life, I almost lost one of my nine to this frigid weather. On Monday, everyone was preparing for a snow day and planning on hunkering down […]
  • 2014 Elmwood Classic 5k/10k. Kevin Castille Breaks 25 Year Old 10k Record

    By LRC Staff on 01/27/2014
    The 28th Annual Elmwood Classic ended with a 10 year old course record being broken by Lafayette native, Kevin Castille. Castille, an American record holder in various master’s events, has become a regular fixture at the Elmwood Classic, driving down each year to attempt to break the course record and collect the $1,000 bonus. For ten years, Castille has attempted to […]
  • 2014 Forge Trail Series: Dirty Soles 5K, 10K, & Half Marathon

    By LRC Staff on 01/26/2014
    - By Ky Kastes Although Forge Racing’s motto, “Off the Grid,” is very fitting, after this weekend, one could definitely say it should be more like, “It’s not the Destination, but the Journey.” It wasn’t just a race, but a test of instinct and strategy. The Dirty Soles 5k, 10k and Half Marathon was the start of this year’s Subaru […]
  • Louisiana Indoor Track Individual Rankings 1/24/14

    By LRC Staff on 01/25/2014
    The 2014 Indoor season is off to a bumpy start.  With only one in-state meet taking place so far in the McNeese Indoor I,  cancellations continue to pile up as LSU undergoes construction.  As January comes to a close, we give you our first rankings list of the season: the top 10 individuals by event, however incomplete and subject to […]
  • A Flash Back to XC: The Travel Journals of Madeline Kling and Catherine Belle Paulk

    By LRC Staff on 01/23/2014
    A Flash Back to XC: The Travel Journals of Madeline Kling and Catherine Belle Paulk.
  • LRC Run Group 382 & 383

    By LRC Staff on 01/23/2014
    As I twirled my whiskers and sat on the front porch of LRC, trying not to be trampled by various running shoes, I was amazed at the number of runners who appeared at Monday’s run group. With over 75 people, the amount of food that would be dropped on the ground, and devoured, by yours truly, flooded my brain. Fresh […]
  • Louisiana Alumni Report 1/22/14

    By LRC Staff on 01/22/2014
    A report of Louisiana high school graduates now running for colleges across the nation: Louisiana Alumni Report 1/22/14.
  • 2014 Louisiana Marathon

    By LRC Staff on 01/20/2014
    At 7 A.M. on Sunday morning, nearly 5,000 runners and walkers made their way to the starting line for the 3rd annual Louisiana Marathon and Half. The beautiful course meandered along the lakes of LSU and was surprisingly hilly, with runners having to cross bridges early in the race, making it a somewhat difficult course for those used to the […]
  • 2014 Indoor Track Preview: Top Returners

    By LRC Staff on 01/12/2014
    2014 Indoor Track Preview: Top Returners.  
  • LRC Run Group # 378 & 379

    By LRC Staff on 01/10/2014
    LRC run-groupers proved to be quite the crew of eskimos this week with some solid numbers coming out despite the nippy, NOLA nights. Decked out in some sick Brooks headbands (special thanks to our rep Mike for those snazzy suckers), these folks were rearing to run, especially Kim who stole the spotlight with her impressive, parachute pants. Returning from her […]
  • Photo Gallery: Construction Update: Field House, Indoor Track 1/8/2014

    By LRC Staff on 01/10/2014
    Photo Gallery: Construction Update: Field House, Indoor Track 1/8/2014.