Run Grouper of the Month: Emily Mase

1797413_631126916958364_776839402_nHometown: Austin, TX

College: University of North Carolina, Asheville

Did you run in college? if so what events: Yes, 800m to 10k. Cross country and Track & Field. No field though.

Favorite Race Distance: 10k, when I’m in shape.

Favorite Race: In NOLA, the CCC. I love the excitement, rage, magnitude of people, and of course the jello shots

Favorite Place to run in New Orleans: I love being able to step out my front door and run across town. Running from uptown, to Napoleon, through Broadmoor, Bayou St. John, to City Park, and back home. I also love running through the deserted, overgrown golf course at City Park.

Favorite song: Hayes Carll “She left me for Jesus”

Do you have any pre-race routines? Superstitions? Black coffee and peanut butter. Always. I used to wear the same socks for pre-race warmups. The socks are from one of the original running stores in Austin that just went out of business, RunTex. Although I still have the socks, I retired them years ago.

Favorite Cross-Training Activity? In college it was water running or cycling through the blue ridge mountains. Nowadays its probably drinking beer.

“I can’t run without ______” My dog, ARCHIE! He is a two-year-old Vizsla. Awesome pup. One day he will come to run group with me.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Nursing school and home renovations don’t give me much free time but I like to garden and cook.

Describe your perfect dinner? Yo Mama’s Peanut butter bacon burger and a pale ale.

You have a ticket to go anywhere in the world.  Where do you go? Why?  A ticket around the word. To quote Jack Kerouac, “Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.”

What person would you like to meet(in all existence) and why? I’ll apply this answer to running. I have many running idols but I grew up watching ladies like Marla Runyan and Regina Jacobs. Marla who was legally blind particularly amazed me and it would be pretty cool to meet her. When I was younger I would pretend to be in races with her. Due to her disability her racing strategies and tactics were  imperative to her success.

LRC Run Group 386 & 387

At this weeks run group a few key things happened. First, a pair of shoes were raffled away to Emily Mase, granting her desperate wish for new shoes, as she won run grouper of the month honors. Next, the fire usually attended to by very muscular and masculine men of LRC, was (wo) manned by Beth Sherwood, who although didn’t have any running clothes in her enormous bag, apparently knows Shaq, which clearly makes up for the slight forgetfulness. On the topic of attendance, Black Girls Run was is full force this week with a large group on both days, as well as Mark Berger out promoting his 504K race. The Ferrari’s brought the s’mores and were clearly favorited over the weekly bounty of fruit.  Preston’s mouth was not as “potty” as usual, but Captain Banana  made up for this  with his very strange stories.Finally,  Kristin Wenstrom, with her very busy schedule,  stopped by after releasing a wrongly imprisoned  man after 20 years. This was truly one of the most intriguing topics of the week. Some of the regular run groupers were not in attendance because of the Rock and Roll Half and Full Marathons this past weekend. Things should be back to normal next week, making for a much more in depth recap!

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The run/walking group where all ages and abilities are welcome!

LRC Run Group 384 & 385

This weeks run group has got to be some of the coldest I’ve experienced. All the humans were dressed in layers upon layers of cold weather gear. Living outside in New Orleans my whole life, I almost lost one of my nine to this frigid weather. On Monday, everyone was preparing for a snow day and planning on hunkering down for the deep freeze that hit the city Tuesday and into Wednesday morning. Thinking it was warmer, I ventured out to the fire pit to get some much needed attention and hopefully con some unsuspecting runners into giving me a marshmallow or two. My plan was foiled though, when Sean Fitzwilliam showed up with his dog, Sherman, and I was forced to duck and cover under the house. It was such a rare occurrence to see this very hair man and his equally hairy dog come to this gathering. I fear he will show up more, since all the humans gave him such a warm welcome, I’m still not sure why… Another new face was that of Andrew Barton. Looking to get back into running shape, he seemed to enjoy his time running at the front of the pack. Thanks to the Pineapple King for the deliciously sweet pineapple that I was able to taste and the best part of the night was Leone and the S’mores she brought, making it worth braving the weather. The runners were talking about the Rock and Roll Marathon this weekend and the temperatures should be ideal, around 60 degrees. Hopefully, this was the last deep freeze for the season, and I can get back to porch sitting and modeling for the camera.


Yours truly, Frank Katz, Kitty Out..

For more photos from LRC Run Group 384 & 385 check out our facebook album here.

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The run/walking group where all ages and abilities are welcome!

LRC Run Group 382 & 383

lrc KittyhatAs I twirled my whiskers and sat on the front porch of LRC, trying not to be trampled by various running shoes, I was amazed at the number of runners who appeared at Monday’s run group. With over 75 people, the amount of food that would be dropped on the ground, and devoured, by yours truly, flooded my brain. Fresh pineapple, watermelon and my personal favorite, King Cake was at tail’s reach. As i meandered inside I glanced at a, somewhat awkward, modeling pose by the one and only, Jace Gohres….Meow. After all the humans were corralled outside, we all listened to a man, they call “Roland,” introduce Mark Berger and is 504k organization. I quickly realized that the race of 5.04 miles was not my style, I prefer short prints and hurdling stray dogs when I feel limber enough.

Wednesday’s run group included the Ultra Duo of Jean Cassandra and Celeste Dolan along with a Yankee who jumped off the street car for a quick run. The fire pit was crowded, leaving little room for a fierce feline, like myself, so I retreated to the benches where I noticed run grouper, Shawn, sporting a new batman shirt. Although there weren’t marshmallows around the fire pit this week,  I’m starting to realize I might need to start running the loops so I can keep up my girlish figure. Until next time…Kitty, out.

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LRC Run Group 380 & 381

As temperatures rose to a balmy 50 degrees, more runners started to turn out to run their normal loops around city park. Runners crowded around the kickin’ fire pit and chatted about the upcoming Louisiana Marathon and the Rock and Roll at the beginning of February.

With all the exciting races coming up in the spring, everyone is starting to find some sort of motivation for some fast races in the coming months. Along with the excitement of racing, local celebrities, Carlos Arroz and Ultra Runner, Celeste Dolan, made triumphant returns to the weekly runs. Run group can’t be complete without another celeb,  LRC Kitty, who while finding time to pose for a photo-shoot, made her rounds greeting runners and went hunting for her next snack. Lastly, run group regular, Lisa Hickman, celebrated her birthday this week and treated all the hardworking runners to some fabulous cake. Thank you to all the runners who show up and make run groups a weekly destination for fitness and fun!



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LRC Run Group # 378 & 379

LRC run-groupers proved to be quite the crew of eskimos this week with some solid numbers coming out despite the nippy, NOLA nights. Decked out in some sick Brooks headbands (special thanks to our rep Mike for those snazzy suckers), these folks were rearing to run, especially Kim who stole the spotlight with her impressive, parachute pants.

Returning from her Iowan igloo, S”y”am was back up in the run group scene this week, corn-stomping dance moves and all. However, 2013’s Run-grouper of the Year, Sancheez, was off to a slow start in 2014….and Leon took note as she got back on her guestbook grind.

Nonetheless, those that managed to brave the frigid temps were greeted back at the store with a fine-looking pallet fire and marshmallows for toasting courtesy of Mr. Ferrari, Ben and Jackson. With a warmer weekend ahead, things are looking up for more pleasant run groups in the weeks to come in 2014.

For more more photos from last weeks run group click here.



LRC Run Group – Christmas Edition and “The Run-ies”

Dogs in Sweaters.
A few Race Directors stopped by: (L-R) Cesar Torres of Q50 Racing, Craig Sweeney – Louisiana Marathon, and Eric Stuart – Crescent City Classic.

Ralph Aucoin accepting on behalf of Ella Aucoin – Best baby of the Stroller 2013.
“The Don”, Pineapple King of New Orleans, recipient of “Best One-Liners 2013”
A Close battle, but in the end Leone Ferrari her title of “Best Keeper of the Guestbook” – 2013
Sanchez – Run Grouper of the Year!
Laura Carleton – Best Signature in 2013
Lisa – Female Run Grouper of the Year – 2013!


Run Grouper of the Week: Toni Octave

Toni – second from right.

Name: Toni Winchester Octave

Hometown: I’m a NOLA girl.

High School: Xavier High School
College: Northwood University

How long have you identified yourself as a runner? When was the moment you started identifying yourself as one?

I began running at age 9 with my father (Garry Winchester) who ran marathons. I fell in love with running in high school, and didn’t really identify myself as a runner until age 33 when I joined the Navy.

You found your way to Louisiana Running Company through a few friends that do the Run Black Girls Run NOLA group? Can you tell us a little bit about that group, and also the group’s mission and goals?

I have degenerating disc in my neck and was unable to run for a year. I enjoy group activities so a friend referred me to Black Girls Run (BGR), and I joined the LRC group run in Mar 2013.

BGR’s mission is to eliminate obesity in African-American women and to promote healthy lifestyle choices. Culturally many African-American women believe they must be a certain fitness level or body type to begin running. Seeing women that are the same size, body types, and experience the same lifestyle challenges as you, often helps break through that perception. The name attracts that demographics.

How has having a group BGR/LRC helped in your journey as a runner?

BGR/LRC are my life partners and resource; they provide support, education, motivation and love :)

For those who run on their own, or struggle with motivation to get out the door and moving, can you share with them any pros of group running?

Running in a group provides support and motivation. I have made appointments to run with someone from the group at 5am, woke up and was not motivated to run. But knowing someone was depending on me, motivated me to get moving. Also, friends often cancel appointments to workout, but your group will always be there, RAIN OR SHINE. They will walk, jog, or run with you. You start together, you finish together.

You recently experienced a bit of a set back with knee surgery, can you tell us a little about all that as far as what happened? How has the recovery been? Have you learned, or grown in any way by having to take a few steps back, in order to get back on track?

In early October while walking through the Atlanta Airport, I sprained my patella tendon (charge it to aging and weak muscles). I attempted to run for about two weeks with no luck. I saw my doctor, had an MRI and I am currently in physical therapy. I am disappointed that I am unable to run, but I will take my rehab as an opportunity to learn more about my body and the importance of diversifying my training. Strength training, cross training, flexibility training, etc… are just as important as the run.

What is your favorite aspect of of the New Orleans running community?

The run community in New Orleans runs with a purpose: to party when you are done! No just kidding, but we always have a mission.

Favorite place to run in New Orleans? Elsewhere?

My favorite place to run in New Orleans is my neighborhood- Bayou St. John, City Park and LRC.

Favorite places to run outside of New Orleans- The St Tammy Trail in Slidell, and Portland Oregon; scenic and asphalt!!

We’ve got some pretty cool costumes on our LRC employees for the local races. If you had to pick one to race in, would you choose the bunny suit, the banana, or the hot dog?

If I could run in any LRC costume, I would run as the “Banana”. Sweet and yummy, that’s me!

Thanks LRC









Run Grouper of the Week: Adrienne Truxillo


Franklinton (just a short 20 minute -or three country songs worth- drive from Folsom)

College: LSU

Favorite Race Distance:

The one that hurts the least, currently marathon.

Favorite Race: See previous answer

Favorite Place to run in New Orleans?

It wasn’t my favorite until recently where a few summer 520 [running group] mornings were spent: the lakefront

How was the race, First Chicago?

First time in Chicago. It was perfect. My pie in the sky goal was to run 3:30 or qualify for Boston again. I was pleasantly surprised. [Adrienne’s time was 2:28]

How does it compare with other marathons you have run?

The race itself was similar to CIM, Boston, and Big Sur: great location, well organized, all the gatorade/GU/bananas/water/portapotties/silly motivating signs you could want along the route.

However, training in the summer heat was different. If you can psych yourself up or have great friends for the humid long runs, I recommend Chicago.

Favorite Cross-Training Activity when not running? It is true, my favorite yoga pose is savasana [On the announcement board at LRC]. (I also enjoy dominating PG on the ping pong circuit.)

Going into races of this distance do you have any pre-race routines? Superstitions?

I don’t have any pre-race rituals nor am I superstitious. I think you college athletes are the ones that do that kind of stuff. On race morning I was proud I remembered to charge my Garmin, eat breakfast, and put the champagne on ice.

 Are you taking off after Chicago, or are you back running?  What’s the next race?

Not so much a race, but I am coming out of retirement from the LRC run group. Marathon training occurred during early 520 runs to beat the heat. Now that its sub 80 degrees, I can stand to run in the evenings.

“I can’t run without ______” : someone stopping me to ask if I’m Kara Goucher.

Halloween Run Group

As Halloween drew near, run groupers were tricked into thinking some cooler weather was here to stay and Fall was finally upon us. Unfortunately, the weather went back into the low 80’s, and runners began checking the 10-day weather forecasts for the next “cold” front. This change in weather didn’t stop our run groupers from enjoying some great runs and special deals, though.

First up, Crescent City Classic set up a table on two different Monday’s providing 5 dollars off to LRC run groupers and a free pair of socks, provided by LRC. With the Crescent City Fall 5k drawing near, runners were eager to take advantage of this deal. Along with CCC, 4D Energy came out on Monday providing plenty samples of their delicious and flavorful energy, along with making sure everyone was properly hydrated and keyed up for their run.

This past Wednesday, runners dressed up in costumes ranging from a taco, to Waldo and even our run grouper of the week, Ben “Santo Loco” Fiallos, dressed as a “Luchador” (Mexican Wrestler). Running in costumes, as LRC staff can attest to, is quite difficult. So, kudos to the runners brave enough to run in masks, feathers and other interesting objects. On a final note, have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!



Run Grouper of the Week: Ben “Santo Loco” Fiallos

You ran the Octoberfest 5K this past weekend, How did it go? What made you decide to run this this race?

It went very good. I beat my last 5K race time and did it in 24:14 . I am a big fan of Oktoberfest and I enjoy the German beers especially the Köstritzer . And I had plenty of it celebrating my run time … The weather was great day for a race..

How long have you been running and how did you come to find yourself at the LRC?

Been running since June of 2012 . I had a enlarged spleen removal surgery back in December 2011 and after recovery while walking with my wife I was feeling the energy and encouragement of running and it picked up from there at age 46.

A good old friend of mine Denece who is also LRC run grouper been wanting me to try out the group runs .. Glad I did , it’s fun running with the LRC group and meeting new people ..

How many hundred dollar bills have you seen this week? 

I’ve seen too many !!! I work at the Federal Reserve Bank in cash dept.. The new 100 dollar bills came out and I been dealing with them sending them out to the commercial banks… So if you get a hold of a new 100 dollar bill , I might have something to do with it.

Can you tell us a little about your nickname “Santo Loco” and your elaborate collection of masks?

It was a name given to me from old friends who I watched pro wrestling with along time ago.. It’s Spanish for “Crazy Saint” . I’m a fan of Lucha Libre (Mexican Pro Wrestling) and I have a collection of Lucha masks from great stars such as El Santo , Blue Demon , Psychosis and plenty more… I wear them for certain events like Running with the NOLA Bulls , Saint football games and other fun events…

Are you originally from Louisiana?

YES ,Born and raised in New Orleans . Mother from Cuba and father from Nicaragua. So I grew up with good Spanish and New Orleans food..

What is your favorite part of the New Orleans running community?

We just have so many places to run in our city . Uptown , Downtown , French Quarter, the major parks, etc… and all the races we have , wish I had the time to do them all… I also enjoy being a member of NOTC because of the Summer Series events..

Do you have a favorite local race?

Jackson Day race from January 2013.. It was a rainy and very cold day… But I did not let that stop me , this made me know this is my new way of life of being a runner now…

There is word on the street that the LRC is going to have a costumed run group the week of Halloween, can you give us a sneak peak of what “Santo Loco” will be sporting?

It will be a wrestling mask , but don’t know which one yet .. I sure won’t be wearing a hotdog costume … lol.

What is the farthest you have run? raced? and do you have any tips for someone who isn’t a runner looking to take the plunge?

Farthest I have run is 12 miles.. Don’t want to go any more cause I’m training for my first half marathon in December “Ole Man River.” I want to make it special and try to do it a little under 2 hours. Tip I tell people is ” don’t give up” … They see me and what I have been through and it encourages some of my family and friends.. Just have to tell your self “this is what I want for my body , to be healthy, to be strong, and to keep going”  …

Thanks Ben!

Run Grouper of the Week: Roger Benson

Introducing Run Grouper of the Week. A series of regular profiles to spotlight some of our most endorphin-addicted friends and expand everyone’s pace group. This week’s runner of the week is Roger Benson, Roger just completed his first half-marathon over the weekend in, the New Orleans Jazz Half, so if you see Roger and he sounds like your speed, say hi and make a new benson_roger_2running buddy tonight!
Roger you just completed your first half this past weekend at the New Orleans Jazz , how was it?  Did you hit the time you were shooting for?  Conditions effect you at all… 
It was a great race. That being said, I didn’t hit the time I had in mind, like a lot of folks. It was much hotter than I had expected and didn’t adjust my pacing at the beginning to make up for the heat and sun. That mistake made for a rough 2nd half.
Is there anything that stands out about your run down St.Charles/downtown/Audubon Park?
Yes. We’re lucky to be able to run in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.
Rewinding back to before the race, is there anything as a first timer you think you learned about training that you would like to impart to someone who may be thinking about taking the leap themselves?  
Slow down! It’s the only way to increase your distance. That was (and still is) the hardest thing for me. Oh and use plenty of Body Glide when it’s hot out.
A lot of people run a half and a full, and either swear off running for a while, or get absolutely addicted and start planning their next.  Do you fall into either of these categories?
Since Saturday I’ve registered for the Ole Man River Half in December and the St. Pete Beach Classic Half in Florida in January, so I’d say I’m hooked.


How many Huma gels would you say you consumed leading into the half, took during the half, and how does it feel to know you single handedly paid to keep the LRC’s lights on in the months of August, September, and October with your vast quantities consumed while doing so…
By the time I crossed the finish line that morning, I’d eaten 2 bananas, a bagel and 5 Huma gels. Overkill? If Sushi Brothers had been open I would have stopped in for a St. Charles Roll.
Strawberry or Apple Cinnamon Huma?
Strawberry all the way.
How many run groups would you say you have made and what would you say your favorite post run treat is.
15 or so since I started coming in August and my favorite post run treat is a Huma gel with an Andygator chaser.
Typical run group pace/distance?
3 miles @ 10 min/mile.
What is your favorite part of the city to run, and why?
Uptown, which is one of the reasons I ran the Jazz Half. It’s just beautiful there.
Finally when you are not running, what do you enjoy doing?
Spending time with my fiance Julie, Max, our Jack Russell Terrier and Lady Bird, our kitten.
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Run Grouper of the Week: Ky Kastes

Introducing Run Grouper of the Week. A series of regular profiles to spotlight some of our most endorphin-addicted friends and expand everyone’s pace group. Don’t be shy – if Ky sounds like your speed, say hi and make a new running buddy tonight!


Hometown: Palm Harbor, Florida

High school: Countryside High School

College: University of Arkansas/Tulane

Did you compete in college? Yes, Swimming and a few XC meets my senior year at Tulane.

What were your events/times in college? 200 fly, 100 fly and 200 freestyle. I don’t think  swimming times mean that much in the running community.

Rumor has it you recently did a marathon. Can you confirm this and if so, did you qualify for that big one in Boston? Yes, I qualified for the Boston marathon (3:31.41) while running in Portland on October 6, 2013. It was my first marathon and the best experience of my life.

What was the transition like going from a swimmer to a runner? Shoes have to be lighter on your feet than flippers. 

I trained as a distance swimmer in high school and college, so running distance came pretty natural. I’m very new to running, but I have a very tough competitive side which make endurance sport, like running, fun.

When was your first run group? Did you feel like a fish out of water?

My first run group was in March, when I started working at LRC. Yes, although the running group was very welcoming, I still hadn’t run anything over 6 miles in my life. So it was daunting for someone with gills.

What is your favorite part of the NOLA running community? (Say something other than Chad and Ana Rice’s baby Catalina)

I have met some of the most amazing people through running. Very supportive and downright great people. I couldn’t have trained for a marathon without the people of run group.

Now that you went beast mode on the marathon, what’s going to be your next race? 

I don’t know about “beast mode,” but I’d like to do another marathon at the beginning of next year. Maybe in Tampa. All I know is that I won’t be racing on any hills, anytime soon.

What’s your favorite NOLA race and why?

I have only raced in 3 road races since I started in May. I liked the Spillway classic, closest I can get to swimming!

What are your favorite hobbies besides running and going to bed when the sun sets? 

Tanning, bicep curls and shopping.

We all know this interview can’t all be about running. It must be difficult to balance running and being the full time queen of LRC. How do you manage juggling both of those things? 

So very difficult. Being the queen takes so much more time than I anticipated and the role that I play is so important to the store, I don’t think many people could handle all the things I have to do. (All sarcasm intended)

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Run Grouper of the Week: Laura Carleton

Introducing Run Grouper of the Week. A series of regular profiles to spotlight some of our most endorphin-addicted friends and expand everyone’s pace group. Don’t be shy – if Laura sounds like your speed, say hi and make a new running buddy tonight!
carleton_lauraHometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana
High School: St. Louis Catholic (Lake Charles, Louisiana)

College: Louisiana State University
Did you compete in college? Yes
What was your event / times? 1500: 4:19, 5k: 15:44

What made you move to New Orleans? 
I found a job and thought nola was a great city not too far from home.
How’s the  transition? Liking it?
I love living in new orleans and hanging out with different groups of friends! So much to choose from every weekend.
Do you miss Baton Rouge?
Not really, miss the schedule of a student and having all day to get runs in.
When was your first run group?
Summer of 2012 I believe
Typical Run Group distance/pace?
7 @ 7:30
What is your favorite aspect of the NOLA running community?
It’s bigger than any I have been a part of before and very active with a lot of fun people. I like having people to run with and talk with as you run.
Favorite Place to run in New Orleans?
City Park area whoo hoo mid city life. I also like doing the 5:20 course on Saturdays.
Are you training for anything? What is your typical week of running like?
Hoping for some quick 10ks and a half marathon in the winter/spring. Right now I’m trying to keep my milage up, I’d say high 60s of all easy runs is typical right now, although this month I have taken a few weekends off so that brings it down haha whoops. Some of y’all have to make me do workouts in a few months!
Do you have a favorite New Orleans Race?  Favorite overall race?
New to the road racing scene so TBD, I loved the track races in college, New York City meet, Mount Saac, Texas Relays, Penn Relays and the SEC meets were full of good memories. Hah hard to pick a favorite.
When you aren’t running, what do you enjoy doing?  
Cooking, Exploring the city, Playing with my roommate’s pup Charlie, reading a good book
Thanks Laura!!!
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Run Grouper of the Week: Cyrus Donato

Introducing Run Grouper of the Week. A series of regular profiles to spotlight some of our most endorphin-addicted friends and expand everyone’s pace group. Don’t be shy – if Cyrus sounds like your speed, say hi and make a new running buddy tonight!
Hometown: University Place, WA (Suburb of Tacoma, WA)
High School: Curtis High School
College: US Coast Guard Academy
Profession: Marine Inspector
Did you compete in college? high school? 
Yes- I ran XC and track all throughout High School and College.
Typical Run Group distance: 5 mile
Typical Run Group pace: 8:00
How long have you been running?
Since I was 13 for 13 years. (Maybe that is why I am so lucky this year.)
When was your first run group? Why do you keep coming back?
I starting coming around May. Even though I am not very fast and very new- the people are so welcoming and encouraging. It is such a positive environment to run in.
What is your favorite local race?
I am a big fan of the Crescent City Classic. It attracts a lot of high caliber athletes and of course like anything else in New Orleans it has an amazing after party.
Favorite race elsewhere? 
My major local hometown race is the Sound to Narrows. It is a very scenic 12K/5K with lots of hills! I definitely recommend it to anyone traveling/ moving to the Puget Sound area.
What is your favorite aspect of the New Orleans running community?
There is such diversity in the running groups and a very robust racing agenda. The runners down here are the full embodiment of Southern Hospitality- they are a lot of really great people dedicated to their community.
What is your current running goal?
I spent a couple of years at sea which didn’t provide me a whole lot of running opportunities- So I am trying to get back into shape. I am also looking forward to my first half Marathon- The Jazz.
Coolest/strangest run you have ever been on:
When I first moved here I was looking for a running group to join and I somehow ended up at a Hash House Harriers event aka Hashing. I figured something was off when I was the only person stretching while everyone else was either drinking or smoking while wearing a themed costume. It is an interesting experience I recommend everyone tries it at least once.
When you aren’t running, what can you be found doing?
I am coming up on my one year anniversary of living in New Orleans and am still overwhelmed by all of the amazing food! So suffice it to say- you can find me eating.
Thanks Cyrus!
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