LRC Run Group 218 – The Hawaiian Edition

Hawaii LRC-O

In true LA style, runners today came “fully dressed”
Displaced from our vacation grounded motha
Grass skirts, Hawaii like smotha, and leis to measure aloha worth
So kicked off the summer of themes birth…

Baby Ella of the Aucoin clan came in her vacation’s best
Accessorizing with flowers, shades, and a head wreath nest

Other dresses of note:
Brandon of the Ferrari mother-son pair
A grass skirt and of a shirtless (scandalous) wear
and plenty of other “getups” by all to prompt a neighborhood stare

Hawaii-hoos and topical isles fives were given to start the run
Slushis and food galore were enjoyed (thanks to Leone Ferrari) when done.
An official race mom and caterer perhaps has been found
For Q50 and Mr. Cesar Torres.

Bread pudding, Amorretto and Pina Colda Slush..

Between Hawaii jams, a Hoola Hoop Contest, Timmmayyyy (DOM) and the rest ..
The volume and fun had by all – was not so hush.


For more photos from this run check out our facebook album of #218 here.

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LRC Run Group 217

Hot as the blaze, 65 run groupers running with heat invoked daze
At the take off, slappa-da-rad, five’d and wahoo’d like craze
Shawn and Beth gave the group a head start to be fair
Preston lost the fro-off with glass bones, 2x over, getting a trimma-da-hair


The group stumbled in after three, five, seven, or ten
Three runners graphed their auto on the flip side, a violation of the pen and an LRC sin.
Lauren Jewett made claims of long grass on the bayou of John
She later posed with her hip-buddy of long (long long long) ago Timmay  from across the west bank pond


After-da-run, freezey pops were once again had galore
Defrosting melting to the core..
Baby strollin Ralph sang an imaginative happy birthday to store
The Alabama contingent grew by one to include three
Don’t forget this coming Wednesday is themed Hawaii 13-0
The run group for the fast, the slow, and the average Joe


For more photos from Run Group 217 visit our facebook album here.
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LRC Run Group 215

Just like the temperatures, the run group population is on the up.  Seventy Herbie Hancocks were collected on the du-plus-du of March.  True recordance was actually at 69, but a (+1) is counted for the new Rice soon to grace. Between this new addition face quadruple paired with Campagnas, Accardos, Aucoins,  and Minihans:  One might be wise to look out as to not get rolled like a boulda..   baby-strolla-derby 2012/13 is coming soon, so move da heck ova.


As the run prepared for it’s traditional 6:29.99 send off, the paparazzi took it’s  position on dat sidewalk.  Stanced in to snap while partner in crime on a dime stood ready to slap.  Not easily surprised the “smack-arazzi” was indeed taken back with a groupee’s 6:29.98 premature “woohoo” paired run-off.. Figuratively stumblin – she regathered quickly to dish palmful-pains, a 30 percent rate she did garnish upholding her rep from  fate of tarnish.  Deterrences from the norm were made including Magic Matt’s refusal to conform (low five’s)  and Fitz’s power 10 escapade.


Runners, joggers, walkers, and dog barkers stretched the course down St. Patrick’s en route to the park.  Among the notable runners in the company – new and re-emerged were: Lynley Roche of former LSU XC; Kim Black, swimmer NCAA and Olympic Gold Medalist Sydney ‘00 fame; Johanna Gretchel of Tulane XC’12 returning to jogging after her duel with a car via bike shame;  An accusatorial lobster colored JaGo back from Cola de Pens, laying statements of unlawful practice to glass bones for alligator taunting he claims fishing defense, finally LRC  welcomes intern-tri-guy-Ben of Ruston to the south, fire station fountain was used today by all today from heat provoking dry mouth.


After the run, freezey-less pops minus sugar were cupped out compliments of the coolers.




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For more photos from Run Group 215 visit our facebook album here.
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2012 Q50 Valentine Midnight 10K – Mandeville, Louisiana

On the night of February 11, 2012, runners from around Louisiana and in some cases the US traveled to Fontainebleau State Park for the running of the Q50 Valentine Midnight 10K.  In freezing conditions, the runners began the race with headlights in hand, whistles around neck, violin tunes in ear, and the enthusiastic chants to Cesar the Q50 race directing wonder in their adrenalin packed legs..

Video of the start…

Cesar Torres, with race crew.


Racers plow through the line near midnight.

For more photos visit our facebook album here.

2012 Run on the Bayou – Louisiana Running Company

Runners from New Orleans journeyed to the West Bank for the 24th Annual Run on the Bayou at Bayou Segnette Park.

Under cool and windy conditions, runners battled for top position as Matt Manning and Andy Barton changed leads on several occasions until Andy was able to pull away on the last straight in a kicker which would leave him two seconds ahead of Matt in a time of 32:28 to 32:30.

In the women’s race, Megan Gohres would lead for a majority of the way before Charlotte Everhardt would make a late charge and reel her in to win in 38:25 to Megan’s 38:37.

Several other local runner would come out to make a run at the prize money that the South Louisiana Running Series had to offer including Sean Allerton and Carolyn Smith who both took home the last pay checks for third place.

After the race runners enjoyed doughnuts, red beans and rice, and each other’s company before heading home for the warmth of their homes and in some cases beds.

Overall Winners:

1/2 Mile

Male – Grant Bostick, Age 7, 3:26
Female – Yvonne Bonvillion, Age 48, 5:32

2 Mile

Male – Josh Chauvin, 26, 11:08
Female – Sandy Johnson, 46, 18:14


Male – Andy Barton, 24, 32:28
Female – Charlotte Everhardt, 25, 38:25

For Full Results visit New Orleans Running Systems here.


Andy Barton and Matt Manning passing the pace truck.

Melissa Manning leading her friend to a runner-up dog finish in the 10K

 For more Photos click on our facebook album here or here.

2012 The Wall 30K/10K

For full results visit New Orleans Track Club’s coverage page here.

The Start of the Wall!

Ryan Campagna (White),and Carlos Zervigon (Red) go 1-2 in the Men’s 10K


Brad Volkommer of team orange wins the 30K in 1:56

Danielle White in green is the 10K champ..

The Women’s 30K champion Grace Thacker in 2:13

Team Orange’s Aaron Croy.


For more photos visit our facebook album here.

Video Coming soon…


LRC run Group #157

Louisiana Running Company’s Run Group

The run group where all ages, abilities, and speeds are welcome!

We love to run! We hope to help you catch the bug. Come join us Mondays and Wednesdays!!

For more info on course maps etc. check the main run group page here (maps will be updated soon)

Run Group 157 Recap

Happy Day-after Day light savings Day!!!!

Today’s “light time” temperatures neared humid-like, but as the sun set the populates of run group #157 were fortunate to have them drop once again to prime running conditions.  With the onset of daylight savings, run group now starts the run in dark, finishes in the dark, and lingers around for social hour also in the dark.  These changes have prompted a course chamge to the semi lit venues of City Park Ave en route to the museum lake, around Bayou St. John and finally down Carrollton towards Canal back to the LRC.  With the exception to half of City Park Ave, there is now the option to stay 95.8 % on the more forgiving grass.

The group numbered 40 strong today, according to the guest book of documentation.  Runners, walkers, and injured runners  turned walkers littered the streets of Mid City.  Magic Matt / Papa Tour guide strolled with Carlos Arroz, male socialite and man’s lunch founder,  despite their flesh wounds.  Leading the way for the less familiar walkers of the group.

Milky white (DQ) ran into his brother in events of a random nature.  This uniting occureed due to the close proximity of the LRC and it’s neighbor which elder Q has medium familarity with.  LRC is thankful to unite families who have had absences of uniting of duration of days, hours…

Aaron, the butterfly king, tweaked his hip on the run tonight, and was said to drop off the pace of his then running partner Emily V.  worrying of his whereabouts she inquired of his name and health in such the descriptive fashion that it not only led to the suspected  identity of every single male runner in attendance, but also to a few who were not…

Jumbo freezy pops were enjoyed by all those choosing to partake after the run:

0G fat, 15mg sodium, 19g of sugar, 20g Carbs, and High fructose syrup – as discussed with MCS.


A stockpile of orange is accumulating for the orange pop-monster who is MIA.

Timmmayyy in a fashion of old your name must be mentioned here, please get healthy, the LRC and your attached-at-the-hip-camera-posing-buddy miss you ever so slightly (understatement)


Join us Wednesday @ 6:30 PM as we have fun and run!!!!





The Q’s unite!

Off we go..

Magic Matt acting magically, Carlos Arroz actin’ all cool shoot’n some socialite terms outside of LRC school.

Posin’ Coupon goes purple, Miller time and 10 fingers Jacob go conservational green

Freeze-yo pops

The tools of Run Group during the dark ages of wint-a

Hanging out in the the hang out room

The attendees!

 For more photos click here


Q50 Ultra Mandeville


Race recap in photos

Saturday morning, November 6th, runners from around Louisiana and the southern United States arrived at Fontainebleau State Park for the running of the Q50 Ultra-Mandeville.   Cesar Torres,  welcomed runners with his signature handshake, pat on the back, and crazy-bubbling-to-the-point-of-boiling-enthusiasm.

Temperatures were chilly for the the start of the  50K, 25K, and the 10K-fun run.  Only an ultra race director would call this later distance a “fun run,” but then again looking at the runner’s faces perhaps he was on to something.

As morning turned to afternoon, the chilly temps to warm,  the lead runners for the 10K would finally break the finish line plane.

Maura Eagan would lead the women’s field in the 10K with a time of 47m 33s – gapping second and third place’s Hannah Haas Weinstein / Jennifer Eagan who would record 55m 40s and 55m 16s respectively.

The men’s field was strung out as Randy Young took top honors at 46m 42s,  Douglas D. Arena finished second in 47m 35s, and Justin Russell rounded out third in 55m 14s.

Randy Young- Men's 10K champion
Maura Eagan - women's 10K champion.

Q50 ULTRAS AND RACES: 25KM Top Male  & Females.

1.- Ray Miranda- 2hrs 00m 15s             1.- Kristin Depp- 2hrs 18m 38s
2.- Luis Ochoa- 2hrs 00m 50s               2.- Betzi Norton- 2hrs 30m 37s
3.- Dalton Fetters- 2hrs 01m 00s          3.- Monica Embers- 2hrs 32m 28s

Ray Miranda - Men' 25K champion.
Cesar Torres welcomes the 25K runners Kristen Depp and Dalton Fetters to the winner's circle.
Matt and Melissa Manning - 25K Relay Champions

If the “Ultra” distances weren’t challenging enough, a leg scraped and slightly bloodied Aaron Croy – LRC’er and volunteer path guiding cyclist –  returned with reports of monstrous rivets and killer butterflies on course.  Despite these dangers the lead 50K runners would finish with smiles on their faces and celebratory bottles of champagne on their clothes and outer extremeties.

Jimmy Marrano seems un-phased to having just run 30 miles as he snatched the champagne and celebrated.  Jimmy ran the course in 4hrs 14m 48s. Second place Sam Landry ran 4hrs 38m 11 sec while third place’s Derek Dowell finished in 5hrs 00m 07s.

In the women’s field Jessica Morrow Russo dominated the 50K as she finished in 4hrs 48m 11s nearly an hour ahead of  Leslie Evans’ 5hrs 36m 47s and assumed friends Leslie Murphy and Tyla Hudspeth – who finished in a dead tie at 6 hrs 32m 00s.

Jessica Russo - Women's 50K Champ.



For full results of the Q50-Mandeville check their website here

For photos from this event check out Louisiana Running Company’s facebook albums:

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JOIN Q50 for the Full Moon Half Marathon Trail Run December 10th!!!

Q50’s SOCIAL CAUSE for this  RACE is STARC (

As in all Q50 Ultras events, you’ll be running and helping those in need!