LRC Run Group 215

Just like the temperatures, the run group population is on the up.  Seventy Herbie Hancocks were collected on the du-plus-du of March.  True recordance was actually at 69, but a (+1) is counted for the new Rice soon to grace. Between this new addition face quadruple paired with Campagnas, Accardos, Aucoins,  and Minihans:  One might be wise to look out as to not get rolled like a boulda..   baby-strolla-derby 2012/13 is coming soon, so move da heck ova.


As the run prepared for it’s traditional 6:29.99 send off, the paparazzi took it’s  position on dat sidewalk.  Stanced in to snap while partner in crime on a dime stood ready to slap.  Not easily surprised the “smack-arazzi” was indeed taken back with a groupee’s 6:29.98 premature “woohoo” paired run-off.. Figuratively stumblin – she regathered quickly to dish palmful-pains, a 30 percent rate she did garnish upholding her rep from  fate of tarnish.  Deterrences from the norm were made including Magic Matt’s refusal to conform (low five’s)  and Fitz’s power 10 escapade.


Runners, joggers, walkers, and dog barkers stretched the course down St. Patrick’s en route to the park.  Among the notable runners in the company – new and re-emerged were: Lynley Roche of former LSU XC; Kim Black, swimmer NCAA and Olympic Gold Medalist Sydney ‘00 fame; Johanna Gretchel of Tulane XC’12 returning to jogging after her duel with a car via bike shame;  An accusatorial lobster colored JaGo back from Cola de Pens, laying statements of unlawful practice to glass bones for alligator taunting he claims fishing defense, finally LRC  welcomes intern-tri-guy-Ben of Ruston to the south, fire station fountain was used today by all today from heat provoking dry mouth.


After the run, freezey-less pops minus sugar were cupped out compliments of the coolers.




Join us Wednesday for Run Group #216 and our paired warm up to the  NOTC’s “5-for-all’s” as run poolers.



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