LRC Run Group 227

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Join us Wednesday for LRC Run Group 227.
A free run group where all ages and abilities are welcome.  For more info on run group such as meeting times, courses, etc. click here.



LRC Run Group 218 – The Hawaiian Edition

Hawaii LRC-O

In true LA style, runners today came “fully dressed”
Displaced from our vacation grounded motha
Grass skirts, Hawaii like smotha, and leis to measure aloha worth
So kicked off the summer of themes birth…

Baby Ella of the Aucoin clan came in her vacation’s best
Accessorizing with flowers, shades, and a head wreath nest

Other dresses of note:
Brandon of the Ferrari mother-son pair
A grass skirt and of a shirtless (scandalous) wear
and plenty of other “getups” by all to prompt a neighborhood stare

Hawaii-hoos and topical isles fives were given to start the run
Slushis and food galore were enjoyed (thanks to Leone Ferrari) when done.
An official race mom and caterer perhaps has been found
For Q50 and Mr. Cesar Torres.

Bread pudding, Amorretto and Pina Colda Slush..

Between Hawaii jams, a Hoola Hoop Contest, Timmmayyyy (DOM) and the rest ..
The volume and fun had by all – was not so hush.


For more photos from this run check out our facebook album of #218 here.

Join us Monday, For Run group #219.
The free run group where all ages and abilities are welcome!!!

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LRC Run Group 217

Hot as the blaze, 65 run groupers running with heat invoked daze
At the take off, slappa-da-rad, five’d and wahoo’d like craze
Shawn and Beth gave the group a head start to be fair
Preston lost the fro-off with glass bones, 2x over, getting a trimma-da-hair


The group stumbled in after three, five, seven, or ten
Three runners graphed their auto on the flip side, a violation of the pen and an LRC sin.
Lauren Jewett made claims of long grass on the bayou of John
She later posed with her hip-buddy of long (long long long) ago Timmay  from across the west bank pond


After-da-run, freezey pops were once again had galore
Defrosting melting to the core..
Baby strollin Ralph sang an imaginative happy birthday to store
The Alabama contingent grew by one to include three
Don’t forget this coming Wednesday is themed Hawaii 13-0
The run group for the fast, the slow, and the average Joe


For more photos from Run Group 217 visit our facebook album here.
Join us Wednesday for LRC Run Group 218.
A free run group where all ages and abilities are welcome.  For more info on run group such as meeting times, courses, etc. click here.

LRC Run Group 215

Just like the temperatures, the run group population is on the up.  Seventy Herbie Hancocks were collected on the du-plus-du of March.  True recordance was actually at 69, but a (+1) is counted for the new Rice soon to grace. Between this new addition face quadruple paired with Campagnas, Accardos, Aucoins,  and Minihans:  One might be wise to look out as to not get rolled like a boulda..   baby-strolla-derby 2012/13 is coming soon, so move da heck ova.


As the run prepared for it’s traditional 6:29.99 send off, the paparazzi took it’s  position on dat sidewalk.  Stanced in to snap while partner in crime on a dime stood ready to slap.  Not easily surprised the “smack-arazzi” was indeed taken back with a groupee’s 6:29.98 premature “woohoo” paired run-off.. Figuratively stumblin – she regathered quickly to dish palmful-pains, a 30 percent rate she did garnish upholding her rep from  fate of tarnish.  Deterrences from the norm were made including Magic Matt’s refusal to conform (low five’s)  and Fitz’s power 10 escapade.


Runners, joggers, walkers, and dog barkers stretched the course down St. Patrick’s en route to the park.  Among the notable runners in the company – new and re-emerged were: Lynley Roche of former LSU XC; Kim Black, swimmer NCAA and Olympic Gold Medalist Sydney ‘00 fame; Johanna Gretchel of Tulane XC’12 returning to jogging after her duel with a car via bike shame;  An accusatorial lobster colored JaGo back from Cola de Pens, laying statements of unlawful practice to glass bones for alligator taunting he claims fishing defense, finally LRC  welcomes intern-tri-guy-Ben of Ruston to the south, fire station fountain was used today by all today from heat provoking dry mouth.


After the run, freezey-less pops minus sugar were cupped out compliments of the coolers.




Join us Wednesday for Run Group #216 and our paired warm up to the  NOTC’s “5-for-all’s” as run poolers.



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LRC Run Group 176

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Words of wisdom from the quote-tress: “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional”

Like clock work, Ferrari ushered in pre-run group, helping keep the “hang out” room warm as it awaited # 176. Sugar cane was to be had for those in attendance (1). J-Suga-fer gnawed at the cane stalk, while sending completely incoherent texts to glassbones, as he brittled his bones further at one of his local caffeine watering-less holes. The sugar is strong in that one, even when sugar is not to be had.

The guestbook guru, sugar filled, pinballed from tendee-to-tendee before not two feet could be had in the doors of LRC. However, it was brought to the attention that one did escape such a wrath. “Just Ralph”, not rolling ralph, not leap froggin ralph, “Just Ralph,” (Ella-less) made comments that we were slacking as he perused 5 minutes before documenting his auto. Ralph If one does not sign, one does not really exist at the LRC.. You arrived precisely when you arrived (signed). Your 5 minutes are void.

Without Ella or Alle (Ella’s reflective friend), Gold team leader LJ pondered her reasoning for showing. That and her friend-boy was off movie acting; ef-bee-eyeing “extra” cool like.

The guest-iger spoke a tale of 64 joggers, walk-runners, and pedestrian strollers. This could be a record, I will have to go back and consult the books of signedoms, but without checking so, I can say with confidence it ranks top 3. Congrats to all who were a part of this momentous occasion, how momentous and how long it will remain so is in question.

Most “lead’d” it up while others double dipped and signed electronically via the world wide web. Double chocolate covered brownie points to C. Boyles and Rainer Schmidt. Inqire-ances will be made to R.Schmidt in the future if he is any relation to the Big Guido. That would be neat if he was, for him I mean.

The group strung out from the start with the fast, the slow, and the not ugly (EastWood reference). The 2-wheelin paparrazin’ mobile.. blinded veteran LRC runners and struck fear into the newcomer-runners under the alias of a stranger taking random photos of exercisers in the park, in the dark, on the roosevelt, with the camera stick. Getting a “clue”, I now apologize in the aft..

The orange man, or so he prefers not preferring to be called, provided oranges, and they were bloody good. Thanks Orange man. New nickname in the works…

Some people prefer to exercise their legs and neglect their “witts” after group running. I guess some are just more witty than others. An excuse worth mentioning. “I am an old lady, I like to go home, warm my fingers, and sit on my…”, In response, For all those not aware of this well kept secret: the fountain of youth actually resides at the witts. Check out menu item “dirty martini” – Mr. Martini.

For a full photo album from this run check out our facebook album here.

So concludes LRC # 176.

Join us Monday for 177.

LRC Run Group 175

LRC run group 175.

The run group business is booming.  Over the last months there has been an influx in the number of bodies populating the place on Canal.  It has hence forth sent the keeper of the book spinning to track the herbie’s of the run group world.  As an example tonight’s tally was calculated at 51, however according to the calvarious 2 wheeler providing snap whippity cracks of photographic light – the tally could be estimated at a more realistic 60 count.  The book of documentation is hungry, feed it all you running yo’s…

Fast like Ferrari.  The Ferraris (Brandon and Ma) were the first to arrive.  If you aren’t 2 hours early you are late.. Mother Ferrari came bearing gifts of PB(J-less) squares and cheese-y wraps.  DH picked and delivered his trademark blood oranges causing stickfree-less hands to all who partook.  Glass bones watered the coolers, enabling delicious water to be had for hand cleansing and thirst termination.  MIA – the gourd and a fearful A-Trux.

Keeping with tradition, the clock struck 6:29:59 and the Quote-tress yelled  “Let’s GO!”  and the hoards plowed down the ankle breaking, to one, sidewalks.. Andre Barton, of the Barton Show, led the way… while the fitzcarleton, a runner wealthy in second place property, rightfully followed… K-Dub, followed next,  bombarding the crew with jaw dropping wenstromisms.  Mr. Candy Bar of the Candy Bar estates and Dragon (of the boy band “the Monotones” and the “Missed Beats”) completed the first pack…

At the break (Roosevelt and Marconi), the lead pack split for ten, while the rest turned for their respected 5 or 3.

It was here M. Perino threatened de-friending if any of the photos that ensued made their way to the book of faces. I baited the hook, and as of this morning we are still bFBf’s.. this afternoon we probably will not..

Following the harsh threats of P-Deeno, Tom and Tom of the legendary clan Sawyer would pass… and even later Sue and Sis Sawyer.  In case you just missed what I said, I didn’t say one but FOUR Sawyers at run group! … L. have mercy 🙂

John Pete / Richie Pete / John Richie ran with dog. Tony Hart 1 upped him and ran with two.  (baby)Rollin Ralph, formerly leap frogging Ralph, formerly (foam) rollin Ralph pushed baby Ella.  Ella day dreamed of her best buddy in the shoe mirror, she promptly visited her at the conclusion of the run…

The contingent of law students from Loyola showed once again. For every bit magic Matt is “Papa Tour Guide” – Ana also known as “wife” due to the multiple introductions made through her husband the “male socialite” Carlos Arroz ,   has been dubbed  Matt’s  female counterpart through her diligent and selfless acts to show runners and walkers the course.  Thanks Ana!

Tim-will-iam Wallace decided to forego the run this eve, opting instead to cross-train with a little porch sitting untilt he crew returned.

Runners returned: conversed, oranged out, stretched out, and then got the letter after E out.

Join us Wednesday for run group # 176 as we run and have fun.  The run group where all ages, abilities, dogs, kids, and yes even Alabama grads (Melton, Stackpole, Wiseman) are welcome….




Ps. Timmmmmmay.  Where ya’ been?

For more photos visit our facebook album from #175.

For Run Group Main,  including course maps times etc, click here.

LRC Run Group # 161

Recap and Interesting Happenings

Cold temperatures and shrinkage.  For all the gutter minded individuals, and clarifications sake I speak of run groupie averages, as the night’s average temps had a direct correlation to run group numbers:  dropping from 44 to 29 over the last 3 weeks.

We were able to track such changes in our treasured book of numbers from the  powers of  Jenja-signus and the restraint of the villain Ferrarihide-us.

The candy bar crew, ever growing,  joined in on the trot, some with sugar still flowing through their veins – already talking and taking steps to next year’s Turkey Day Race. Team ABM.

Two peas in a pod, two rice’s and a Jacob Todd. Also in attendance.

Papa Matt, the magician, strode powerfully in speed walking form, crushing his glass boned brother.  IT was magical to see the magician work, some may not think he was born with weakness, but then again one must remember the achilles heel and his reasons for walking in the first place.

The gauntlet was thrown down for the N.O-  game by a Yorky originator.  It all began at the bar of candies, where a bet was made with a Huck Finn associate.  Person in question’s confidence soared as he tallied witnesses from several candy bar enthusiasts.  The gauntlet continued on through run group… “Man’s Lunch” is a Friday afternoon tradition, but at the conclusion of that game one would have to ask how did that New Orleans dish taste?!

Not in attendance tonight: Timmay, Rollin Ralph (secret podium training), The triple Halls, Cantu the train-less race wonder.

Also a congrats to K-dubb Wenstrom – and her new 10K PR of 35:39 in Los Angeles.  Welcome back!

Come join us next time, as we run, stumble, and journey through LRC run group 162!


For more photos visit our facebook page for Run Group 161 here.