Q50 Ultra Mandeville


Race recap in photos

Saturday morning, November 6th, runners from around Louisiana and the southern United States arrived at Fontainebleau State Park for the running of the Q50 Ultra-Mandeville.   Cesar Torres,  welcomed runners with his signature handshake, pat on the back, and crazy-bubbling-to-the-point-of-boiling-enthusiasm.

Temperatures were chilly for the the start of the  50K, 25K, and the 10K-fun run.  Only an ultra race director would call this later distance a “fun run,” but then again looking at the runner’s faces perhaps he was on to something.

As morning turned to afternoon, the chilly temps to warm,  the lead runners for the 10K would finally break the finish line plane.

Maura Eagan would lead the women’s field in the 10K with a time of 47m 33s – gapping second and third place’s Hannah Haas Weinstein / Jennifer Eagan who would record 55m 40s and 55m 16s respectively.

The men’s field was strung out as Randy Young took top honors at 46m 42s,  Douglas D. Arena finished second in 47m 35s, and Justin Russell rounded out third in 55m 14s.

Randy Young- Men's 10K champion
Maura Eagan - women's 10K champion.

Q50 ULTRAS AND RACES: 25KM Top Male  & Females.

1.- Ray Miranda- 2hrs 00m 15s             1.- Kristin Depp- 2hrs 18m 38s
2.- Luis Ochoa- 2hrs 00m 50s               2.- Betzi Norton- 2hrs 30m 37s
3.- Dalton Fetters- 2hrs 01m 00s          3.- Monica Embers- 2hrs 32m 28s

Ray Miranda - Men' 25K champion.
Cesar Torres welcomes the 25K runners Kristen Depp and Dalton Fetters to the winner's circle.
Matt and Melissa Manning - 25K Relay Champions

If the “Ultra” distances weren’t challenging enough, a leg scraped and slightly bloodied Aaron Croy – LRC’er and volunteer path guiding cyclist –  returned with reports of monstrous rivets and killer butterflies on course.  Despite these dangers the lead 50K runners would finish with smiles on their faces and celebratory bottles of champagne on their clothes and outer extremeties.

Jimmy Marrano seems un-phased to having just run 30 miles as he snatched the champagne and celebrated.  Jimmy ran the course in 4hrs 14m 48s. Second place Sam Landry ran 4hrs 38m 11 sec while third place’s Derek Dowell finished in 5hrs 00m 07s.

In the women’s field Jessica Morrow Russo dominated the 50K as she finished in 4hrs 48m 11s nearly an hour ahead of  Leslie Evans’ 5hrs 36m 47s and assumed friends Leslie Murphy and Tyla Hudspeth – who finished in a dead tie at 6 hrs 32m 00s.

Jessica Russo - Women's 50K Champ.



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