Run Group 2/13/17

Run Group 2/13
On what was undoubtedly the most glorious and spectacular week of LRC run group of the year, the group’s attention was once again placed almost entirely on Bannister, whose regality surpasses any other who claims monarchical status. Bannister’s public appearances were widely acclaimed, particularly his majestic, lionesque roar, something less informed individuals would call a “bark.” Only his ruggedly good looks rival his oratory prowess.
Then, of course, there were the runs, which I’m sure was nice. Now that marathon season is pretty much over, at least locally, everybody who was remotely committed to the ridiculous sport that is distance running will undoubtedly shift their attention to Mardi Gras, assuming that has not happened already.
Speaking of Mardi Gras, LRC is having its annual Endymion party on Saturday, February 25th (I think that’s the right date?), as its contribution to the city-wide debauchery. While there are no promises that we will remember who shows up, everybody is of course more than welcome, and highly encouraged, to toss aside those pesky moral compasses for a few hours and join the festivities. Bannister will be attending.
Finally, hopefully most of our run group regulars have managed to make it down to our Oak Street location, previously known as the Runner of the South, or Southern Runner for short. If you for whatever unjustifiable reason have not, please do! Like, pretty please? It’s a lot of fun, with a great route and, more importantly, drink and food specials at Ale Bar across the street. Seriously, I won’t stop writing and/or announcing this until I see good attendance! My expectations are through the roof, so don’t disappoint me!
That said, we of course thank everyone who takes time out of his or her busy weeks support our groups, as we would not be anywhere close to what we are without you guys. Hope to continue to see you all out there every week!