Run Group #Infinity Recap…..With Zero Pictures!

Run Group Recap…oh man, am I running out of things to talk about?


No, not yet, to the detriment of everybody who makes the poor decision to read my drivel, which is really starting to become more of a monthly than weekly occurrence, but I’m looking to change that! Why? Because I live to please all two of my misguided readers, who I’m almost certain are my bosses that follow along only to assure that I avoid posting wanton gobbledygook on their web page.

But on to the runs!

After a few weeks away to engage in debauchery unheard of since the discovery of fire, I have returned from the tundra of the northeast to communicate the unrivaled success of our weekly run groups and the overwhelming prowess every present in our runners. Monday’s highlights included Reed making up for missing the Shamrock race by blistering through the Mid City 5-mile route at near-race pace, a group of four ladies absolutely crushing the rest of the guys, and of course our peerless, fearless leader, Bannister. Wednesday featured pizza and trivia at Mellow Mushroom, as well as, to everybody’s dismay, the return of Sean Fitzwilliam. Sorry everybody, but its true, Fitz is running again. Hide your wives, hide your kids.

A quick note on the pictures, our embattled cameraman was without the only piece of equipment for which he is responsible, so there are unfortunately no pictures for the week. Rest assured, his beatings will continue until morale improves! Or at least until he remembers the camera…whichever happens first.

We’ll end on a bit on housekeeping, but we are looking to start doing something a little different and fun during run groups on either Monday or Wednesday every month starting in April, so if my two readers, or any other misinformed and unfortunate follower, have any creative ideas on how to provide the most magnificent experience since the invention of photography, please submit any idea on Facebook, to the store email at, or me at

Thanks again for everybody for continuing to support us at run groups! We hope to continue to see all of you in the coming months as summer approaches!