A Short-ish Run Group Recap and Pictures (Finally!!!)

To say that we have been less than diligent about posting run group pictures is a truth held so self-evident that it might as well have been written in the Declaration itself as a pillar of American society. I can see it now…equality and freedom from tyranny and…no LRC run group pictures. That changes today, though, as we will finally have evidence of run group’s existence! I know all two of you who read these do so to find inspiration from my endless wisdom (insert any antonym for “wisdom” for a more accurate description of these recaps), but it never hurts to see the people who keep the run group engine churning in action.

As far as run group highlights, there were a few noteworthy episodes. Bannister’s man-servant, Patrick Gavin, has solidified, beyond any reasonable doubt, his unusual capacity to chug beers in an unhealthily short amount of time, giving team LRC a win at the Mellow Mushroom trivia night. Oh yeah, apparently, we do trivia on Wednesdays as well, in case anybody is interested in joining a few doors down from Ale. We were a few points short this time, but some of you wise men and women should be able to vault us to the top. As Michael Jordan says, the ceiling is the roof. I still have no idea what and the hell that was supposed to mean. Let’s see…Sean Fitzwilliam’s return last week was short lived, but is that really a bad thing? I suppose it is, although I may be part of a very, very small minority that actually believes his absence results in a net negative. He’s sort of become the Haley Joel Osment of New Orleans running—well liked (sort of) and good (sort of) at what he does, but man, we never see him anymore!

That’s pretty much it from me on the runs. A little bit of housekeeping, though, before picture time. Don’t forget to register for the Crescent City Classic, which I believe is on April 16th; let us know if you have any thoughts on summer run group events for either Monday or Wednesday; and, last but not least, thanks for continuing to spend your evenings with us and always feel free to encourage any family, friends, enemies, beasts of burden, wizards, dragons, or whatever floats your boat to pop out to run group if they’re interested and have the time!