Some Recap, People Bursting Speedily, and the CCC (4/3-4/10 Recap)


Busy week last week. Things were certainly going on. Run group rolled along with no fatalities, local studs and studettes put together some excellent performances at Act II of Bursting with Speed, and Bannister fell in and out of love with a Crescent City Classic lady dog. Tragic story, really, but one for another day. With all that, let’s get on to business.

I suppose we should start with run group, considering these pieces of gold are categorized as “run group recaps.” As to what we are actually going to say about Monday and Wednesday, though, that is the tough part! Your embattled blogger was only able to see a few beautiful faces this week, so I really do not have any quips this go around. Believe me, nothing in our infinite universe saddens me more, except for a day without Bannister, perhaps. I’ll end this awkward paragraph with a resolve to do a better job of embarrassing some of you in future recaps.

Before we get to pictures, let’s do a little housekeeping. NOTC’s second rendition of Bursting with Speed, hosted by the Burst family, provided an opportunity for local standouts to put forth some excellent performances. A big congratulations to Louisiana Distance Project’s Ian Carr, who set a new personal best 5k time of 15:06, one of the times from a local in the past 4-5 years, and a third place finish. We need to also give a shout out to LDP’s Kat Telfeyan (17:04), Malia Cali (17:27), and Laura Carleton (17:29) for sweeping the top three slots and taking home the big bucks. We saw a lot of our run groupers out there as well, so congrats to everybody who met their goals!

That’s about it from me this week. I hope everybody who does the Crescent City Classic has a great time. Just a reminder, we will be taking the street car from the store at 6:30 AM, so for any of you looking to caravan over, feel free to join! Enjoy the pictures, and see all of you at the groups and the races!