Final Class of 2017 Rankings

Without further ado, here are the final rankings for the class of 2017.


Final Senior Rankings


1) Eric Coston, St. Paul’s- There wasn’t much drama outside clock watching to finish off Eric’s last high school race.

2) Parker McBride, Dutchtown- But there was tons of drama in the 800. McBride knocks off the indoor champion and runs a 2 second PR.  Both finish with a title so…

2) Cameron Farris, Pineville- Both will finish in second with neither having a remarkable xc mark to break any potential tie-breaking. Both also find themselves on the short list of runners who broke 1:53 in high school from LA.  You won’t find the names Keith, Coston or Albright on that list.

4) Randy Carter, Jehovah Jireh- Finished his high school career with over a dozen state titles.

5) Luke Hebert, St. Thomas More- A surprise strong finish with a 1:54 at state after not running indoor got Hebert into the mix on this list.

6) Michael Brown, Newman- 2A was tough this year but Brown still found a way to compete for podium spots in the end.

7) Reed Meric, Jesuit- He didn’t PR this outdoor season, but he still found his way to the medal stand.

8) Kris Jackson, Episcopal- Caps off season with a runner-up spot in the 3200.

9) Seth Papineau, Airline- He sneaks into the top 10 at the end of the year with a 3rd place finish in the 5A 1600.

10) Lucas Marcello, EDW- Finished the year with a triple at state that included a runner up spot in the 1600 and a win in the 3A 3200.



1) Alicia Stamey, Episcopal- Our three-headed giant issue wasn’t solved during outdoor but Stamey finished the 2A 1600 champion.

1) Alissa Landers, Lakeside- Landers took the 2A 3200 as well which leaves 2A split by the two seniors 1-1.

1) Gabriella Chauvin, SJA- Then Chauvin shows up at State looking like the top girl in the state by blowing away 5A in the 1600 and 800.  All three had their fair share of highs this year which are very close and all will finish in the top spot.

4) Hayley Schwab, Episcopal- The 2A 3200 runner-up holds on to her 4th spot.

5) Sophie Daigle, Ascension Catholic- The 1A triple crown belongs to Sophie after a great day at the races.

6) Tara Stuntz, Dutchtown- Tara pulled out a runner-up performance in the 5A 3200.

7) Kirsten Landry, Ascension Episcopal- After being out the second half of the year presumably due to injury, Landry drops to finish the year just inside the top 10.

8) Ally McCulley, Mandeville- McCulley finishes her time here as a LA high school runner with a podium finish in the 3200.

9) Raelynn Price, Baton Rouge- A 2:17 and a runner-up spot in 5A jumps Price into the top 10.

10) Gentry Jacquet, Lafayette- Jacquet finished the year with a runner-up spot in the 4×2 and 4th place finishes in the 800 and 4×4.