2017 Crescent City Fall Classic

Familiar Names, New Faces Shine at Fall Classic

I suppose we’ve returned to the endless summer, although a more logically appropriate conclusion may be that we never left despite a promising week-long cool front. While the “Fall” in the Crescent City Fall Classic was used a bit loosely this year, nearly 1900 participants (1876 to be exact) proved braver than yours truly in taking part in one of the larger and more entertaining short race events New Orleans offers. Rounding into shape after an injury-riddled spring, Patrick Aucoin finished first overall with a time of 15:45, edging out his PMTC teammate, Richard Bouckeart, and the man from Amsterdam (or some other non-New Orleans location), Tyler Cannon. Bouckeart and Cannon finished with times of 15:55 and 16:14, respectively, though they came through the 2-mile mark just behind Aucoin.

On the women’s side, Rachel Paul (two first names always a crowd pleaser), a former Georgetown distance runner and the newest member of the Louisiana Distance Project’s women’s team, crossed first with a time of 17:28. Paul finished eighth overall. Stefanie Slekis and Julie Martin finished with times of 18:11 and 18:59 to round out the women’s top three.

As they often do, the Crescent City Classic group put together an excellent event. The race itself was entertaining from front to back, and the pre and post-race festivities provided Chuck George led entertainment as well as the usual endless supplies of Michelob Ultra, CC’s coffee (is that redundant?), and jambalaya. Youth Run NOLA brought swarms of aspiring runners, continuing their remarkable success in linking the sport to various communities throughout the city, something for which we and the rest of the running community are very grateful.

The next and final Crescent City Classic event of 2017 will be the Celebration in the Oaks 2-Mile Walk/Run on December 9th. If we’re lucky, summer might be over by then. We will be out there and hope to see all five of our readers as well! As always, we appreciate the opportunity to cover these events and give back whatever we can to all who have been so supportive of us. Happy running and see you at the races.

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