LRWC Run Group 784 Pictures + A Snowy Week in Review

Where the hell did winter come from? I’m not exactly complaining, as my overpriced running leggings made their annual appearance, but I imagine the Russian winter is warmer than the frozen monsoons that bombarded us during the middle of last week.

Because the overall desire to run appropriately fell with the temperature, we decided to forgo taking pictures on Wednesday and Thursday, so all of the pictures this week will be from Mid City on Monday. That said, we appreciate those of you who came out despite the weather conditions (especially Brandon Ferrari, who provided the army of one on Wednesday at Oak).

We have a few reminders for you guys this week. If any of you read this before the 12/11 run group, our Mizuno rep is coming to demo some of their products tonight; assuming the temperature doesn’t shoot back up, we will be doing smores, eggnog, and a raffle with all of the products found in the jog log (patent pending) next Monday; for those of you who participated in the Celebration in the Oaks run/walk, I believe they’ve put up pictures; finally, a final reminder to register for the Ole Man River Half if you have not already.

That’s it from me. Hope you all have a good week!